Friends Referral Link

Referring friends is not sending a link for some reason there more information on this ? I know a band full of friends that would like to join and I wouldn’t mind receiving the benefits. Please help if you know anything further! Thank you!

The Misfits
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Never worked for me either, on Android. The mail just contains (null) instead of a link.

It didnt work for me at all in the past either. But I contacted support and they gave me the rewards for the referred player (they couldnt give portraits so they gave me some rubies instead). All I had to do was to provide them with:

  • screen of sent mail to a friend with no link,
  • name and date of referred friend

I suppose I will need to contact them again once my friend hits few more milestones (she was level 27 when I contacted them), but yeah, at least I got some goodies. Too bad not a portrait, though.

Have you tried just using the copy option?

try to generate a link.

If it doesn’t generate, restart the game (force close it by terminating its process) and generate another link. Put it on a Notes or copy paste it.

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