From 0-10 how do you review war dragons now and before

So I have almost 2 years playing , and when I joined game was more fun , not overpowered dragons , those towers were pretty nice to attack cause spells were strategic and funny using them . now with the new towers added ( 4 towers of same type ) you can survive only if u are part of the obsidian matrix or harbinger so for the other levels game seems impossible . with the new tier to be released during this season things seem to get even worste . I have talked to a lot of player that share same opinions game is becoming boring and not stimulating some of them quit game . If last summer I would put WD a 10 cause I loved it now 3 would be much . what do the rest think?


Money… simple.

They dont aim for a well designed balanced game they aim for increases in revenue. All old towers are crap so you spend on Flaks. (money over balance)

New Tiers coming out so they can increase tower levels for money. This however creates a large divide between spenders and non-spenders further in-balancing the game. So again money over balance

Dragons same thing, they create tiers with only 1-2 useful dragons then release seasonal divines so you spend to get them. again money over balance.

Events. Mega coins/IF/Energy all reward spending over grinding creating more of a divide between heavy spenders and grinders… so again money over balance.

All aspects of the game are progressing this way including every part of Atlas. This game isn’t even 1/2 as good as it could and should be. Shame because it has SOOOO much potential.

If they were trying to create a good well balanced game a few things would need to be done, which haven’t and likely wont be done.

  1. Catch up mechanism
  2. better reward mechanics for grinders
  3. properly balanced Dragons
  4. reasonable construction times (again going back to catch up mechanism)
  5. there wouldn’t be 20+ difference consumables.
  6. Healing potions wouldn’t exist. (they only limit people who dont spend from playing the actual game which is just plain stupid)
  7. PVP events wouldn’t cost energy to play… energy should only apply towards super and mega attacks. (again going back to better rewards for grinders)

Ill stop now since im starting to go into specifics as 1-3 are all i needed to say…

Oh i never answered the OP question.
Before 7/10 (always had issues but the potential was there for the game to be a 10 and i was too ignorant to realize PG wasn’t trying to make the game better)
Now: 2/10. 1 for the social aspect of the game, and 1 for the few things (very few) that are still good about the game.


When I started and I was an ignorant player in the silver leagues back in Fall 17, I would have easily given this a 10.

Once I joined the forums, made it to Gold, became an officer, see our bases getting torn down, watch players who had been on the team longer than me quit or stop playing as much, saw how much this game caters to those with bigger bank accounts and all the balance problems mentioned by Mike up above, I’d give it a 3.5.

If it weren’t for my team and the friends I’ve made in this game I wouldn’t have made it this far.


I’ve been playing for 1 year and I can tell you the game has changed drastically since and I don’t enjoy it as much. It’s frustrating and I wish some changes didn’t happen. I wish there was a similar game so I can try it out and hope whatever I don’t like about this one is not in the other but that is wishful thinking.


Its just a matter of time before someone creates a newer and better version. And if PG doesn’t fix this game before that this game will collapse when it happens. Hopefully when this other game does get created it is run by a company that wont do what PG has done to this one.

If anyone ever finds such a game please PM me what it is. ill be there in a heartbeat!


Sept 2015 - 8/10
June 2018 - 1.5/10

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July 2016 - 7/10 ______Start
Dec 2016 - 8/10 ______Officer on Lionadas (plat)
April 2017 - 9/10 ______Moved to Rulith (sapp)
Sept 2017 - 9.5/10 ____Before Atlas Rollout
Nov 2017 - 8.5/10 _____Atlas Confusion
Jan 2018 - 9/10 _______Officer on Rulith
May 2018 - 8/10 ______Member on Rulith (Personal workload overwhelming)

I don’t think i’ve ever been extremely displeased with the game as a whole. There have been parts where i’ve been more involved than other parts of the game, and i think that my love of the game peaked right before Atlas rolled out. Atlas brought a ton of confusion to the team, but after learning the ropes my ratings went back up and the gear rollout is huge as well.

Either way i still really enjoy the game even though there are some areas that could use improvement.


It’s a curriculum vitae :point_up_2::smiley:
exemplary career … it’s not like me :roll_eyes::joy:

I enjoy the game mostly, but I think that’s because I’ve excepted I won’t ever be at the top of the game as I don’t spend. Once I excepted that and stopped trying to catch up to everyone, the game is more enjoyable.

However, what’s made the game worse for me the last few months is the lag… horrible lag. I’m getting so frustrated when I’m trying to fly a base and I freeze, spells freeze, whatever… and I die. Makes me pissy when I lose to a base that should of been simple.


I’ve been playing for nearly 2 years. When I first started, I got into a platinum 2 team right away. Everything was pretty simple so I gave the game a 10 back then. Later on, I lost my account due to my phone getting damaged somehow. I lost my account for 2.5 seasons for I managed to join. I made it back in time for the last few weeks of the summer season. The dragons(especially the divines) were amazing and very powerful. After having made it very far to where I am today, I’m disappointed in the divines not being as good as they used to be. The events and towers and tiers being added made it harder. If it weren’t for my friend in game, I would’ve quit long ago. So I’ll rate this game a 4.67 for now. Hopefully PG can do better branches next season and add new features to the game that everyone will like.

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When I first started, before I found the forums (June/July 2016) - 9/10
After a few months of playing, and actively reading the forums - 6/10
After taking hiatus from the forums - 8/10
First week after getting Atlas - 5/10
Now - 7/10

Everything @MikeH8sDisGame said about balance & money is true - although I honestly don’t notice it as much when I am not looking at the forums.

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I can’t really score 9 to 10. There is stuff that was great, guessing it was designed by pigbit or whatever the company before Pg was called. With the breeding wall mainly among other issues, growing my knowledge about game/ seasons, and being in a fantastic team allowed me to still enjoy the ride.

It could be a lot better I’m sure but overall is the spenders who own this game. Don’t get me wrong, nothing against the spenders. Just a shame Pg listens mainly to those regardless if they know this while spending. Anyway that shouldn’t be the direction of any game

I give it a 2.

I started over 2 years ago also, back then I would have given it an 8.

Back then a well developed base would take about the same amount of dragon power to take down. No way would one dragon do it. Now, the devines have skewed that balance. Not unusual to see one devine in the same tier of breedable dragons take out a decent base. I’m talking about a short base with higher towers using good design practices.

Also, as already responded by another player PG’s emphasis has significantly move to revenue generating as its priority. They recently added another currency (diamonds) for Atlas which is just another ploy to get players to spend, these currencies don’t cross the WD / Atlas boundary.

Adding another tier of dragons, now another tower, and soon higher cap levels to existing towers. Does anyone not see the endless circle?

Add to that the attitude that anything goes and encouraged in Atlas (no anti-grieving controls), drives more spending as players rush to revive recoverable troops or train new.

On second thought, I give it a rating of 1. Just laying back and flying a drag now and then to satisfy that itch. Next Spring when my Elite runs out, I won’t renew it either.

I don’t know if PG listens to the spenders as much as creates things for them to spend on…


Good point. But still if they continue to spend they will be saying it’s ok, keep it coming. And Pg does so diligently…

When I first started playing - 7/10
When I figured out what I was doing and joined a decent team - 9/10
When Sapphire Dragons came out - 10/10
When Garnet followed, then shortly thereafter Emerald - 4/10
Today - 2/10 and on the verge of retirement (or at least no more spending and retire when I fall behind)

I agree with most everything Mike said above. The game just has gotten too heavily monetized. The Rider Gear is a perfect example. If you don’t have a decent defense rider, dragons with a good attack rider are going to truck through your base like your towers have been enfeebled. And if you don’t have a decent set of attack rider gear, your dragon will end up looking like you were flying a dodo if the base is defended at all. They found a way to increase tower levels by 7 and up a dragon an entire tier in strength by creating buffs.

I wouldn’t be shocked if they introduce “dragon armor” soon. So extra extra dragon buffs.

When I started Platinum was the highest and it was reasonably attainable to a new player. Now, if I downloaded the game today and saw what I needed for end game content, I would immediately delete the app. I’m an “end game content” player. That’s what I strive for. For other players who are just looking for something to play for fun, I’m sure the game has many positive notes.


Dragon armor was introduced about 2 years ago. No buffs, did cost tho. Was useless, made the game laggy, more stupid shit to add to the list of stupid shit these people think is ok :woman_shrugging:t2:


PG also does not aim for quality either. The poor release strategy they have had with Atlas as well as issues with Atlas it is clear quality is not job one, or two, with PG.


I remember the dumb hats and armor that did nothing but take up spots in the seasonal branches. A buddy of mine and I each sent each other the Valentine pack so we’d have it all because you could only gift that pack. Wtf were we thinking. But my tarand has Christmas lights in his antlers so that’s a win. Lmao. I’d be shocked if it wasn’t brought back in some capacity to monetize it.

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In my opinion PG has gotten better at a few things and worse at a lot of things. One of the few things they are better at is Divine dragon and how we get them. This formula of seasons is much better than what we had previously, as anyone who got any of the old divines such as Sobek or Kinnaraku can tell you.

PG, however has also gotten worse at many things, they have gotten much, much worse at understanding the game and how balance in the game works (shown by the new flak tower which is almost ungettable for F2P/E2P players).

There are many others but these are the two things I would like to add to this topic,
I have been playing since 2015 btw for anyone who is wondering.

I didn’t start playing the game religiously until 2016 so here are my reviews

2016 - 4/10
2017- 8/10
2018- 6/10