From no speed ups to only 3/4 from attack drops

just started an alt to help with leveling up my dragons and noticed that i was not getting any of the speedups from the attacks i was doing. now that i am lvl 11 and in my mains team i am only receiving about 3/4 of the speed up that it says i am supposed to get. and before you say “oh it applies to your current build” thats not what happens on my main.

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In run drops are purely RNG based and main attacker and followers are not guaranteed to get the same drops at all. If you get a bronze chests a follower may get a timer and the other follower may get nothing from a monument, but next monument you may get nothing and each of your followers gets timers.

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how does this help in any way? when it says “13 hour speed up” i expect 13 hours worth of speed ups on that account to be added.

It has never ever said “13 hour of speedups”
Could you be confusing this with “1x 3hr speedup”?


no, when you destroy an object in the water or a shrine you get a pop up and i have gotten three 13 hour speed up notifications over both accounts so no i did not confuse it. also two of those have been confirmed when looking at what speed ups i had after the battle.

… there isn’t a 13 hour speedup. There’re only:
1 min, 3 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 3 hour, and 12 hour timers.
Maybe you’re confusing something like “+1 3hr” message with a 13hr?


Sorry I’m going to have to pull the experience card here.

There is no such thing as a 13 hour speedup that could be added.

You are level 34 and 11 and have done a hundred runs or so?
I’m in my 200s and have done thousands and thousands of runs here.

You are having some confusion with the text displayed

wow, that’s just rude

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You probably destroyed the big ship and on the first short island and the shrine 1 dropping 1 hr and the other 3 hr respectively hence you see a 13 hour speed up as it overlap… There are no 13 hours speed up :smile:

If you have gotten a 13 hour speed up, please screenshot it so we can see the rare unicorn.

I’ve joked with my wife about getting 11 hour speedups when it is one 1hr speed up but shows as “1 1hr speedup” in game.

Excuse me? :joy::joy:


They are the idiots? 3 x 3-hour speedup plus 2 x 1-hr speedup equals 11 hours, not 13.
In addition, that is absolutely not the way speedups drop. People with years of experience in the game are trying to help you. Your rude answers will make that much less likely in the future.


Dude. That’s literally saying you got 1 of the 1 minute speed ups. Not 11 minutes. Yeah the text isn’t great but you are wrong. Trust me on this. Insulting some VERY experienced players who have done a bunch to help the community isn’t exactly helping either


So your first screenshot is adding a single 1 minute timers
Second is adding a single 3 minute timer

There is a space between the digits


Called it :man_shrugging:t3:

Back to remedial math classes for you!
3x3=9, 2x1=2. 9+2=/=13.


i can hardly understand what this guy is trying to say…

… hais …
Friend might I suggest look up some war dragon tips for beginners .
Seriously at this point you have insulted people who tried to help you when all we have done is reply nicely…
Not to be rude we are all once a beginner so we know how it feels to be confuse but insulting people who tried to help ain’t the way of how you are going to learn things.

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If you can understand him ghost, you must be an idiot like the rest of us :man_shrugging:t3:


At this point… lets just say he is confuse

Amazingly big mouth he has for someone who’s only been on the forum for one hour… Can’t imagine this guy will last for long around here without a significant attitude change.