From no speed ups to only 3/4 from attack drops


Well that was much needed this morning :rofl: thank you to all parties involved


The space between the two ones is about the same as the space between the 1 and the M. The font used has small spaces that add to the confusion. But yes, that is not 11 minutes of speedups, but one 1min speedups in the first photo.

Good luck in life with that attitude. We are just trying to help.


The level 34 obviously knows everything. Good luck with that. I hope your WD experience is fantastic.


i am only half an idiot lol. even i am not dumb enough to truly understand him.


Is it really bugging anyone else who may be wondering where he got the extra 50-60% timers from? His maths seem to be extra off today

For example:

  • He gets a 3 minute timer
  • He thinks he gets 13 minutes of timers
  • His math works 3/13 to be about equal to 75% (3/4) in the thread title.

Similarly for 1 minute timers:
1/11 vs 75%

And 15 minute timers
15/115 vs 75%



and he claimed he was getting 13 hour speed ups lmao. couldnā€™t even get a screenshot of himself getting a 1x3 hour speedup.


I literally laughed out loud reading the math part. He must be trolling ā€¦ :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Well you definitely do get ā€œ+1 3 hourā€ drops, definitely more rare but i can guarantee you that they exist


Just got one on a run actually!


But really, imagine those 11h 13h speed up drop for real. I would stop worry about the number of timer I have


ā€¦i greatly appologize for my members (jinko) unnacceptable behaviorā€¦i assure you i do NOT tolerate such behaviorā€¦period!.. He will apologize for this ā€¦or he will be leaving The Sacred Empireā€¦one way or anotherā€¦againā€¦please do not allow this one individuals actions to reflect upon The Sacred Empireā€¦personallyā€¦my blood is boiling over thisā€¦thank you allā€¦MrToken


Seems to be an adolescent male with impulse control issues.

Good luck and have fun with the game


ā€¦this is soooo unnaceptable!


There was a worse one referring to us as a bundle of sticksā€¦


Shouldnā€™t call someone an idiot when you lack basic math skills :joy::joy::joy:

Please explain how your 3 3 hour timers and 2 one hour Timers gets you this 13 hours that nobody has ever gotten before?


Everyone knows you occasionally get a dumbass on a team. Not really your fault. Boot him now and save yourself the headaches later.


Iā€™ve had a rough day today. Thank you! I needed this laugh :joy::joy:


bros, since the last update i have received no 263-hour drops. two questions:

  1. bro wtf???
  2. why is pg so bad at programming?

serious replies only.


ā€¦Jinko and his alt (both Very Active) have been kicked from SacredGround2 and The Sacred Empireā€¦i do not tolerate this ā€¦soā€¦in saying that ā€¦i got some spots to fill in SacredGround2ā€¦so if anyone knows someone looking for a teamā€¦id greatly appreciate you sending them to SacredGround2ā€¦thank you all againā€¦and you shall be seeing more of me soon ;)ā€¦MrToken


Throw this in the recruitment thread using the format shown.