From no speed ups to only 3/4 from attack drops


…i will get on that after work… Thank you kindly Flak


Does this mean we’re not getting our apology from Jinko? :joy:



Either way it made my day.


I’m still trying to figure out how an Alt helps you with leveling up your dragons on your main? :thinking:

  1. If they are the same level absolutely they do.
  2. if you are low enough level your alt with ember (who can be obtained by L10 or so) can back your main on FreeXP280



I have many Alts but never backed myself on Xp runs though. It’s just easier to me for a teammate to follow.


I use ember + an invincible shield on my alt to back my main account on the first island of the Andy base. It gets me max xp for my baby dragons and I can do the runs when it’s convienent for me :blush:


Well, a low level alt should be able to back you up against Andy…


Well you ain’t at fault he is. So just tell him nicely lol and hope he learns :smile:


This post was so worth reading.

I’m going to light a cigar with a 13 dolllar bill.


Worth the read, I like the fact that he fought for what he believed in and in the end calling everyone names and such. Hhahahaah! Too bad I missed it in action. :wink:


…or any dragon with Death Gaze (Bolt …etc) :wink:


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