FromTheAshes Gold 1 LFM (small group welcome)

Language: English, but we have many bilingual players Spanish, German, Arabic just to name a few :slight_smile:
Time Zone: International
Played time: All
Age Range: All mature players welcome
Elite Account?: recommended
Dragon Roster Includes: level appropriate dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: level appropriate dragons


FromTheAshes is looking for more players, we are looking for serious like-minded players who do not miss wars without notice, and who are interested in growing as a family of dragon masters to get into higher leagues. We have a team line group. We would like to work toward getting atlas when they release it again and would like to welcome players who are also interested in this. Leadership is active and helpful, and we are also looking for some more people interested and experienced in officer positions :slight_smile:

We would love to have anyone who is mature and respectful of others. We do not tolerate bullies or disrespect. Wars and event participation is required, but if you have something come up we understand, just please notify us :slight_smile: We also require that you maintain a minimum status of ‘Active’ but Very active is recommended.

If you are looking for a friendly family of dragon enthusiasts, you will not regret joining us! For more info search our team in game and message myself (Paxala) or our recruiting officer Ros4u!

Happy Hunting :dragon:!

:two_hearts: Paxala

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Still looking for a few solid players, check out our team in team finder and apply if you are interested in growing with us!

Still looking for some great peeps to join after event :slight_smile:

We need 5 players to fill available spots! We are a great active team, and despite being down 9 players we took 4th in the Kingdom Wars event in Gold 1! Great team with wars very frequently!

Still looking for a few players :slight_smile:

We are looking for at least 15 players to replace inactives who did not participate in wars. We would love to welcome a big group all at once!

Looking for more players immediately following the events end, if you are interested please check us out and apply. We are taking 1st place in gold 1 by nearly a 2m VP lead, so we have a lot of very active and dedicated players! If you’re looking for an up and coming team who will go far, please don’t hesitate to consider us!

Looking for a few more players :two_hearts: Great team, we have a lot of fun!

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