Frostworth sigil pack retrieval

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Last week we had frostworth sigils pack in store but this week its gone .

I bought the packs that week and was low on money at bank so couldn’t purchase more to max my season dragon. And though I would buy more this week but those packs are gone.

I would request the devs team to bring them back for a week or atleast 3days it would help me to max my dragon. Or the money that I spent would go to waste

Those packs are a ripoff and sigil chests should be coming out next week. Save your money.

Also nothing this season is even worth spending money on


Already sent a ticket. They said will look into it. I spend $300 as well and haven’t completed a branch yet and then they took it down. Doesn’t help u can only purchase once a day, yet only available for such a short period of time

Dude. It’s not really my place to comment on how you want to spend your money, but if you’re in any way low in money in your bank account, or just personal finances in general, please please please save your money instead of spending on some pixels that will turn useless in another season or two.


Got no words for you… :scream::man_facepalming:t3:

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Bro, If your out of money, in your bank account don’t spend money on this game for real, and definitely don’t buy packs the week after smh. If your trying to finish season branches, and really wanna spend your last dollars. Save till the super sigil chest last 2 weeks of each season. Those sigil packs, are crazy expensive compared.

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Super sigils chests are still ongoing? I heard that it was gonna be discontinued or something

They are the last 2 weeks of each season like always, idk what you mean by discounted. They are 5k for 10 chest. Average payout is 1200 sigils per 10 chest. But it ranges per set.

Thanks for your concern, but I’m not low on money. I’m pretty affluent and I pay my bills and other necessities just fine with more than enough left to spare. I spend because I can (and I know I’m privileged and not everyone is like me) and I enjoy the game and it’s my way of supporting the people who make it and contribute to it :slight_smile:

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Ah, thanks for clarifying. I just read some comment (can’t remember where) that sigil chests won’t be available anymore or something

Don’t listen to most people, they wouldn’t take away one of their biggest money grabs.

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Er I believe Kate was replying to the OP of this thread, given the situation.
And I agree with that opinion… even tho it might be not my business.


opps, didn’t notice, sorry. my apologies.
on a side note I agree as well, I only spend when I know I can afford it and have enough left over

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If it’s sigils you are after purely there are significantly better value for sigil return packs

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