Frostwreath Dragons - Gameplay/Guides and Reviews

Edit: review of mythics with updates at bottom

I have compiled a series of videos with gameplay of the dragons released with the first wave of the frostwreath season!

As a member of the Creators Faction, PG has temporarily granted me (and the other CF) access to these dragons to create content and reviews to share with you earlier on to allow you to have more information to help guide your plans this season! Unfortunately, due to limited time with these dragons, I am unable to get as much practice and footage as I usually like, but I hope it’s at least enough to get a fair comparison!

Remember, I have them temporarily and will have to unlock them myself if I want to keep them (and I will unlock some for sure)!

First of all, I’m impressed with the legendaries this season!

I’m very excited about this dragon because I’ve been wanting a robotic/mechanical appearing dragon and this is similar to what I wanted! This dragon has many way to avoid damage and his invoke shot is essentially a death gaze! Using the spells right you can clear an entire island with death Gazes before taking damage! But be careful because he has no way to restore lost health (aside form consumable spells):

Galgrim is a solid, typical hunter with skills to quickly destroy critical towers, and then cloak to avoid damage. He is great for skilled flyers or those wanting to learn to fly classic hunters. He will not be easy, but if yo your in enough effort and practice, you will be rewarded with unlocking his great potential!

More Galgrim:

Gryff is so far one of the more fun and effective warriors I have used (and I don’t usually fly warriors because they struggle to destroy buildings, especially farms/mills, especially defended; but also they aren’t very mental stimulating). Gryff has the ability to massively increase damage output, restore rage, heal, and freeze towers to avoid taking damage. Wing gust, if used right, can lock down towers for several seconds, preventing all damage, and allowing you to kill them before they can even land a shot. Even double defended, hitting 1 tier up, I managed to 80% the base leaving only 2 farms - which isn’t ideal but better than other warriors I’ve used.

Now for the Mythics! These dragons are incredibly well designed and I wish I could keep them both if only just too look at!

Faf’Nyr is a powerful sorcerer with amazing spell animations and the ability to avoid incoming damage and take out 2-3 towers instantly with Gild (2 shots of Gild, like Hauheset’s crumble to dust). However, if you’re hitting towers too high level and you aren’t prepared, the towers left alive when Shining Splendor ends will quickly shoot you down. She is challenging to place her Gild shots perfectly in order to maximize its use, but if done right can be a powerful force! Just be careful not to use Avarice when you’re low health or taking damage, as it will hasten your demise. One major advantage is she will start every flight with FULL rage even if the first flyer/dragon is mage drained to 0, and if you can get 2 shots of Gild off quick enough can destroy towers of any level! Great assets for following up a higher level team mate.

Noctarn is a beautiful dragon with an amazing combination of white spells, as well as the classic hunters mark. Screech allows her to build increase damage over the battle, she can cloak to dodge invoking damage with an added damage boost after the cloak ends, and can use snow drift to disable towers until she can destroy them or for a follow up dragon. What is missing is a high damage dealing spell to quickly remove threatening towers, so instead she relies on quickly disabling as many threats as possible, surviving a couple unavoidable hits, and then unloading full bars of ammo after using cloak to gain the added damage boost. Currently she struggle greatly to both survive and 100% bases that are above her tier and especially defended, because after the first cloak, she cannot dodge the following mage shots and will be left useless if you don’t already have hunters marks placed on monuments. With the upcoming Noctarn spell changes she will have much more potential at least survive and set up higher level bases, and even clear some bases slightly higher than her - but rest assured she will not be a simple dragon to fly well, and if you don’t like a challenge with no guarantee you’ll unlock his potential, Noctarn may not be the right dragon for you.

Updated mythics review!

I really hope this helps you with your planning and decisions for which dragons to get, as well as help you fly them better once you do decide! Please share other advice or input as well as questions!

Edit to add spell details for Festive!


Ahem. Noctarn is a female.

On topic…thanks for the videos! I absolutely love that you show some videos with miscalculations in flying and point out how you could have done it better. It really helps those experiencing the same issues.


More Gryff gameplay on defended bases please.

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Thanks for this! Definitely going after Faf :partying_face:


More Galgrim footage!

The strongest bases I’ve taken with Galgrim or probably any dragon haha, all my dragons struggle as much of more.


Love your reviews! Thank you for putting all the effort needed in making and presenting them!

Eagerly awaiting your game play footage, and tips for the new Invoker Morak.

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Noctarn review:

Invoker Morak review:

Review after the second changes:

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Added to the original post!
More videos and opinions coming within the next week!

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Updated with review of both mythics and my opinions on who would benefit from each one!


Same lol

Festive details and thoughts added to post :slight_smile:

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