Frostwreath Festive Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the upcoming Frostwreath Festive Dragon here!

@Arelyna At the Ice flak Tower,
Can I unlock the blue healing spells?
(Unlock while healing your health)

I wonder why it’s called a festive dragon; it’s about the same costs as a seasonal dragon (legendary obviously), it’s not exceptionally strong or effective, and you get no key for it… Somehow it doesn’t seem a very good name for that line.


@Arelyna Hi


  1. 30% additional damage - permanent or only during spell freeze duration?
  2. Does ice flak supershot stop blue heal spell?

30% additional damage on tower is too low on defended bases. It should be at least 100% for it to be effective in pvp or atlas.

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Meh, a mediocre dragon to finish off a mediocre season. Other than the art and maybe Morak, this whole season flopped pretty hard :-1::-1:

Pretty disappointing final season to the “year of the player” that involved multiple post release changes that still left these dragons underwhelming. Here’s hoping spring brings new and better things

It should work the same way as Jorm’s Freeze and Meg’s Kelp, once hit it takes 30% more damage until the tower dies. I dont see any reason Ice Flak wouldnt cancel it. Only things IF ss doesnt cancel are passives, dodges and precast held spells.


Maybe they could resurrect Tarand’s lights for his antlers to make Tarax a little more … festive.


Whiteout’s cooldown?

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It doesnt have a cd, it costs 2 rage. That’s enough of a restriction for a dragon with no added rage recovery

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Then it’s like Jorm’s red spell I guess, except it’s white okayyyy

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The damage boost is permanent (functions the same way as Flash Freeze). Ice Flak supershot cancels any duration-based spell, and Hibernate is in that spell category. Ice Flak and Blue mage will cancel the heal.

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포스님 포럼에도 오시는군. o.O

Who? Are you korean user?

I’ll be cursing myself if I don’t get him as a trophy, he looks gorgeous in 3D. As for his spell I will wait to see, it’s very unlikely I get him to a tier high enough for him to be of any use.

Because it’s meant to be a fun dragon, sometimes with an experimental spellset and not very good in defended runs in general (from experience). Also they may be associated with certain seasonal events like ~Valentine’s Day~ Chinese New Year (Kirin) or Halloween (Somnus), thus “Festive”.

Edit: Thanks to @Blackfyre87 for correcting me about Kirin :grin:


I believe Kirin was for Chinese New year. He came along with the red card packs (and was a dragon we were told wouldnt exist… Im still salty about that one)


Seems to me Noct and Faf should have been festive dragons then and this one shouldn’t have existed at all

I knew I was mistaken! I blame my addled sleep-deprived self… Thanks for correcting me!

I’m still salty about the first winter season terrible “double” sigil fiasco. Some players got twice as many Sigils in gold chests (which were different than Sigil chests and “regular” gold chests) but those who opened a couple hours before were SoL with higher sigil drop rate but no increased quantity… :persevere:

:thinking: No wonder I’m such a screenshot freak nowadays…

As Tarand was in that season let’s hope Tarax doesn’t bring similar misfortune…

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Technically, it was the Lunar New Year. :+1:

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What’s the exact sequence for all tower types? Do you have an exhaustive list?

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Blue, Red, DF, FF, IF, EF, SF, perches, Storm, Ice T, Fire T, Archer, Cannon, Treb, Lightning, Ballista, Totems, Farms, Den