Frostwreath Festive Official Discussion Thread

Maxed perches faqing hurt though…

Anyone have an opinion between this dragon and Gryff flown on actual bases? I normally fly hunters, but have too many hunters at the moment.

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Actually both aren’t great but still decent.
Probably Tarax it’s better because can One-shot towers and instant freeze ( a 2nd Freeze casted on frozen towers will be 30% stronger, as any other spell).
So yes, i say Tarax.
@SylverWolf Keep in mind that Tarax need rage + a rider with high HP and Rage Generation.

I have something that’s been bothering me a bit. So we get a festive dragon, which personally i like and will be getting…but.

new tier is released right away effectively rendering this thing useless. I’m going for a dragon that’s a tier behind right out of the gate. It might have some use for a couple forts if i can finish the line fast enough. At least with the other seasonal drags we got to play with them a bit before they become paperweights or got the new tier stones with our mythics.

Noelle only goes to green tier :thinking:

Think he’s talking about Tarax

Tarand is one of my favourite dragons in terms of design.
I really like his look, he looks powerful, magnificent, organic, almost without any superfluous details.

When I saw Tarax, I was quite suprised. At first I thought he was an old Tarand. But it turned out to be his distant relative.

Anyway, Tarax has a much shabby look than Tarand. He looks like some kind of hermit or bum or tramp, all overgrown, with hanging ears like a dog’s.
So I didn’t like Tarax’s look as much as I liked Tarand’s look. Altrough he is not bad, I like his 4 wings, I like his animations, I like that he has all the paws (no hooves). His flight is pretty interesting, he flies like some kind of butterfly, slightly flapping all his 4 wings simultaneously. ))) Although I like the way Tarand flaps his wings more.

And I really like his “Whiteout” ability, it is cool. :slight_smile: