Frostwreath Limited Time Branch Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the Limited Time Branch for the Frostwreath Season.

Can we know the exact cost and prizes please? :pleading_face:

In order to know how much will cost those 6k embers :drooling_face:

If I remember correctly, all the prizes are 500 sigils each, except the rune at the end is 2000. Someone correct me if I’m wrong


It alternates embers dust embers, dust. To get just the dust and embers (and chisels) is 3k sigils and then the rune after that is 2k sigils

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Based on my calendar, it ends after the event prizes come out. Prizes come out Monday Pacific Time, branch ends Tuesday.

@Arelyna you dont give enough dust to level it and we are short on dust as is we do not get enough in the game to max our runes and u limit our chisils something has got to give

Can we get clarification on if we are allowed to collect team prize before it disappears?
Also, is there a chance that we could get glyphs instead of runes? Or at least the option to choose between a glyph/rune.
Not that many players have maxed out bases with 6 full kill islands and rune spots to spare. I myself only have 5 places and only 2 for runes. I would love to have it, but already have 2 exotics on my kill and don’t want to have to sacrifice one.

The clock artwork is still not fixed, 16th hour (XVI) is still missing…

It’s been bugging me for so long now…

I’ll see if I take the other prizes but I’m not interested in the rune :face_with_monocle:


The Rune Dust prizes will equal up to 50% the amount needed to fully enhance an Exotic Rune.

@Arelyna Just pointing out that this comment is no longer true since 1.7M dust has been removed. Unless Exotics no longer cost 10M dust to max

Well, you do have a video about it so… correct :rofl:



Yes, you can. The branch will go down when the event page goes down on Tuesday, February 18th at 6pm PT.


Y’all couldn’t have offered the choice between rune dust and chisels?

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Or give both.


This is exactly why I came here. I think the rune branch should allot for a exotic rune/glyph

For example
Earth flak exoticattack rune
Earth flak exotic HP rune
Earth Flak exotic attack glyph
Or earth flak exotic HP glyph.


I mean this is some of the best return for the sigils, right? I hesitate to ask for too much

Earth flak!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

So which one is better, attack or HP?

I’m happy that it’s finally here. It’s taken too long :sob:

I’d say HP. Almost always go with HP. Unless you are boosting lighting tower supershot damage :eyes:


I have no idea what you mean but I’ll take the HP anyway :grin:

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Would have got this if there was a glyph option. Saved for it as well.