Frostwreath Mythic Dragons and Their Elements

Hey All!

We appreciate all of the feedback that we have gotten around the elements of the mythics shifting between the Summit Preview stream and the Season Preview Stream last Wednesday. For context around these changes, we received initial feedback after the Summit Stream that the elements should be shifted from what was shown during that stream to better round out the available Mythic dragon elements. However, after the Season Preview Stream last Wednesday, we received a large outpouring of feedback around the changes we had made to the elements of Faf’Nyr.

We’ve heard everyone loud and clear that the elements presented for the mythics on Stream on Wednesday was not what we should be doing. Prior to their release, we will be changing Faf’Nyr’s element back to Fire and changing Noctarn’s element to Wind. The rest of the information regarding both of these Mythics and the rest of Wave 1 of the Frostwreath Season will release with tomorrow’s blog.