Frostwreath Mythic’s, Which One Is For You?

Noctarn: Wind Mythic Hunter


*Can Dodge Ss with “Silent Swoop”(1 Rage white cloak)

*Can heal & gain rage with “Hunter’s Mark”(1 Rage red spell) by destroying a tower or a marked monument. Gain 31% Hp & 2 rage from destroying a tower or monument.

*Can increase breath damage by uncloaking with “Silent Swoop”(125% damage increase after uncloaking for 2 seconds) & by using “Battle Screech”( 1 rage white spell, once cast(used) increase hunters attack by 7%(Can stack) every time used.

*Can disable tower(s) with “Snowdrift”(1 rage white spell) until they take damage.


*Can’t cloak back to back to dodge Ss from defenders, The cloak first goes into a 2 second damage buff, then into a 2 second cooldown.
It only takes 1 second to Ss/Super charger a tower by that time you’ll get hit by any of the defenders second Ss towers.( Unclear if you can break the cloak an it goes on a 1 second cooldown like Narlyth/Kull cloak can, if it does I’ll re-edit this info)

*Snowdrift AOE isn’t big enough to disable more then 2 towers maxed(if placed right), maybe 3 on back of long Islands.

*No resist, that makes him a glass cannon just like Narlyth was, so you’re going to take 100% of damage from all towers.

*ice flacks, lighting, & storm/earth towers will be Noctarn down fall if not flown right. Two Lighting towers Ss can literally kill Noctarn if not taken care of properly(lighting towers have long range, even if they’re in the back of a long island, they can still hit you)

Overall Summary:

He’s not bad or great, he’s in between ,what I mean about “between” is, he’s like legendary stats not mythic stats.

Let me explain…

His spell kit is mostly good but they could’ve gave him a better spell then “Battle Screech” that can resonate/revolve around his other three spells. Once hit by a ice flak Ss, 1 stack of “Battle Screech” will be taken off.

With defenders I see him dying 80% of the time or maybe even 100% of the time. Once you disable a tower(s) by “snowdrift” with a smart defender they’ll save 2-3 Ss for you to cloak & dodge the first 2 initial Ss then Ss the other 3 towers when you uncloak. When you uncloak you’ll get hit by all 3 Ss even if you disable them they’re still going to shot there Ss.

You have no way to quickly dodge them because your cloak is on a 2 second cooldown.

Faf’Nyr: Fire Mythic Sorcerer


*Can dodge Ss for 4 seconds with “Shiny Splendor”(2 rage white spell) but can’t dodge beam attacks such as Ice turret, lighting towers, or even storm tower attacks. So keep that in mind.

Can heal by destroying tower(s) with his passive ability, he gains 10% of Hp per tower destroyed.

Can gain rage by using “Adarice”(0 white spell, once used, you take 16% of dragon Hp to gain 2 rage instantly) & by his passive ability as well( by destroying a tower you gain 0.5 rage back per tower destroyed)

*Can debuff towers with “Golden Hex”(Can hit between 2-3 buildings “if” places right)
*First cast: towers marked by “Golden Hex” deal 50% less damage & take additional 25% from all damage sources.

*Second cast: If towers are already marked by “Golden Hex” the second cast instantly destroyers marked towers in the target area.

*Increase breath damage by his passive ability throughout the attack, gives Faf’Nyr 100% increases breath damage(Can’t get taken away by ice flak Ss)

Kinda of got elemental resist, when you used “Golden Hex”(First cast) to debuff towers they deal 50% reduce damage to you. Elemental resist you take 50% of reduce damage from all elemental towers.

Always start with full rage no matter what, if the lead attacker got rage drain. It wouldn’t matter because Faf’Nyr has full rage(5 rage) to use when he enters the attack.


*Can’t regeneration rage over time but his spells make up for it.

*Doesn’t have any resistance(kinda of) makes him a glass cannon like Narlyth & Noctarn, he’ll need to rely on his spells to dodge any kind of incoming damage.

*Ice flak/lighting/strom/earth towers will mess him up or even kill Faf’Nyr if not taken care of.

*Defenders, if flown wrong you’ll die very quickly but if flown right by dodging Ss with “Shinny Splendor” you should be good.

Overall Summary:

He’s honestly Surt 2.0 done right…

Hold your tongue before you start saying anything…

What I mean is, he’ll take some skills & using all his spells together back to back to fly him effectively. If you make any mistakes he’ll die because he doesn’t have any resist, like I said above, “ he’s a glass cannon”

Faf’Nyr is honestly balance, I highly recommend you put all Hp runes on him to increase his survivability throughout the attack.

Faf’Nyr is honestly a solid sorcerer to have.

Both Mythic Overall: Aka… My opinion.

I personally say Faf’Nyr is the better mythic out of the two. Don’t get me wrong both Mythic’s will evolve skills to fly no question asked because there both glass cannons.

Noctarn isn’t Noctua 2.0 in any way or form, they basically gave Noctarn already used spells from pass divine dragons with a different name. He doesn’t have a spell that makes him “Unique”(Standout) like Faf’Nyr dose with his new passive ability “Curse of Greed” that is amazing by the way.

If you got Narlyth last season I say go for Faf’Nyr, Narlyth to me is honestly is better then Noctarn. I hate to say it but it is what it is at the end of the day.

Faf’Nyr flying mechanics makes him look fun to fly but unfortunately I can’t say the same with Noctarn.

That’s my opinion… so take this with a grain of salt :salt:

So what you think?

Do you agree? Or Disagree with me?


If shinning splendor is code like namaka spell, it should now dodge perch in a recent update


I think Faf is more exciting to fly, but that’s just me and it’s just Day 1 of season so we’ll see :star_struck:


Nope. 1 stack will be taken off.


Oh really? Kk I’ll re-edit it.

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Seriously? Whoa :flushed:

I re-edit it.

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That question was asked and answered multiple time’s in the other threads…


The cloak first goes into a 2 second damage buff, then into a 2 second cooldown.


and it is active (cloaked) for 0.5 seconds


What do you think about this two mythic? I am really feeling disappointment about Noctarn. Far’nyr will be better?


far doesn’t accumulate his own rage, get get it by destroying towers. If he can’t destroy the towers he is screwed

As far as I can tell at this point both look to be pretty solid dragons. There is this huge concern that noct is a setup dragon but I think people are blowing this so far out of the water.

Noct has a sand, a cloak, a damage steroid, a way to regen ammo, and a way to regen health and rage. He has so many tools to not only disable towers but to just blow the island up. That and the fact he CAN set up just means he will be viable at higher tiers than other dragons.

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Noctarn will still be reasonably strong, same with far. But they just aren’t as strong as the other mythic’s in the past. Noctarn will be good for setting up bases.

@Mistborn20 I agree, people are being exaggerated

I honestly do not agree based on what we have seen. There have been stronger (cough surt) but there have also been substantially weaker.


I like your reasoning , I like them both tbh , Noctarn is my type of hunter , but as a result I am getting them both . Hope they dont do nerfs in the way or something , cause I am very dissapointed from last season with narlyth


I think you’re just missing a tiny detail on noctarn, is that you don’t need to wait for the cloak to enter in CD and you get a clip of ammo to drop (not sure now if it’s a full ammo recharge). Doesn’t make him invincible but stretches his survivability a bit.

Thanks for the info, I’m still inclined for faffy though. It’s a matter of gear and this is the opposite of zenko Vs Ronin, theres not a clear winner in my opinion


Actually, non of these mythics seem promising and I don’t like them now. Sorcerer is better I think.
But they both are more weaker than mythics of the past in my opinion.

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Thanks, re-edit

I say Noctarn is the weaker mythic this season but the sorcerer is going to be very strong if flown right.

When pg flown both in the previous twitch stream, they didn’t really showcase them very well. Wait until ppl get him an actually showcase them, on what they can actually do in the right hands.


The sorcerer has no rage generation and has spell to sacrifice health for rage?!
He should have more active spells not that.

Come on PG, he’s a sorcerer for god sake!!