Frostwreath Stream Notes + Other Stuff (in the future)

Nov. 29 Update: On the stream around 27:58, it was noted that the AoE it isn’t the size of Sand and is more like Crippling Chill and Mind Spike, except that Chill’s AoE is larger than Sand, while Mind Spike’s is smaller, so I pretty much unconsciously adjusted for it being sand-sized XD. Also, can reliably hit two but not necessarily three is closer to Sand’s AoE size. + fixed season structure image

Dec. 1: Faf’Nyr now Fire, Noctarn now Wind

Jan. 27: There was mention of a limited time branch in early Feb - thought I had added it but
LINE distractions :rofl:



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  • Egg Token Boost will contain both Timer & Token Mission Boosts.
    • 1st line is 3.15K sigils for a 100% boost & 2nd Line is 6.3K sigils for +25% for a total of 125%
  • Base Boost still exists and remains unchanged.

Holiday Dragon (NOT the Festive Dragon)

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  • More details will be in next week’s blog specifically for it, so wait for it :stuck_out_tongue: .
  • Players can earn this dragon by logging into the game and collecting Candy Canes.
  • Dragon will be a Green Tier Legendary; it won’t evolve. For fun dragon/Temple Raid/Assault
  • Branch to claim this dragon will contain other prizes.
  • image
  • holiday-themed Renard

Week 1: Hunter (Discount), Warrior, Mythics, 1st Rider, Base Boost

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Noctarn - got changed to Wind Dec. 1

  • Take old & popular dragons to see how they’d evolve in a different environment (e.g. Noctua vs Noctarn)
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    • Hunter’s Mark is a red spell.
    • Silent Swoop is brief, just a quick dodge.
    • Snow Drift: “Tower people get snowed in and don’t want to work.” AoE size similar to sand. On the stream around 27:58, it was noted that the AoE it isn’t the size of Sand and is more like Crippling Chill and Mind Spike, except that Chill’s AoE is larger than Sand, while Mind Spike’s is smaller, so I pretty much unconsciously adjusted for it being sand-sized XD. Also, can reliably hit two but not necessarily three is closer to Sand’s AoE size.

Faf’Nyr - got changed to Fire Dec. 1

  • image
    • Shining Splendor dodges all non-beam projectiles, so it does dodge flaks.
  • He’ll be on top of a pile of gold in the den/on a perch.

Rosheen: Offensive Dragon Rider

  • image
  • Increase Dragon HP, decrease training cost (food), increase dragon attack; choose between hunter attack, sorcerer HP, warrior attack
  • Wind, Fire, and Ice Shards to choose from

Lore & Portraits

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  • lost a bet and gave up clothing (fS: 100% true lore)


Week 6: Invoker & 2nd Rider

  • Week 6 instead of Week 5, so that it isn’t released near Christmas
  • This was just covered in a post instead of a stream.

Week 9: Festive (twitch)

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  • This section will be for all streams. I’ll nest it by stream.
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  • Release
    • Kharnyx confirmed an artbook when they have the time for it, as they need to compile it themselves, so there’s no timing on it.
    • Chisels are only going to be in PvP events (for now, subject to change)
    • Kharnyx denied a question on what he reads. Arelyna spilled the beans on his liking the horror genre.
    • Abyssal Mythic preview stream sometime soon - maybe next week or the week after.
    • New PvP events are in various stages of development, including one in paper development (literally using paper mockups) and a second in early stages - definitely not appearing in 2019 but more than likely appear in 2020.
    • Super Sigil Chests will stick around after the event end and through the results phase.
    • Dragon elements: considered more egregious to repeat elements on the same class vs any dragon, should expect not to see earth mythics for some time with sorc/warrior/hunter covered
    • Narlyth update (full text): Whispers of Madness issue could cause catastrophic issues elsewhere in the game, so won’t be fixed, but people can get free rune/glyph removals on it through the end of the year by sending a ticket to support. The spell won’t be replaced, as not everyone is affected in the same way, and some prefer it to replacing with something else. It’s one of the most complicated spells ever made.
      • Swapping Narlyth to Gig is labor-intensive for an individual and would be a massive overhead for the number of people who have Narlyth. And then, people who have both pretty much wouldn’t get anything, so they went with rune removal.

Most important part of the stream.

  • Arelyna leaves Lawson unsupervised :scream: , so then Lawson impersonates her. Ban hammer.


  • going back to two waves with the first being six legendaries and second being three mythics three months apart (vs the three waves in Abyssal)

Yetin, Legendary Ice Warrior


Annelid, Legendary Wind Invoker


Vexa, Legendary Dark Sorcerer


  • Explosive Carapace is a short duration explosive shield with an incredibly high amount of damage
  • Summon Drone is just a meat shield, doesn’t deal damage, as it states

Caldur, Legendary Fire Warrior


  • Magmatic Assault both reduces damage and gives a damage boost as it drains rage.
  • Slag Blast destroys a tower similar to how Spell Flux works and costs one rage but then also restores a rage on cast, similar to Modrian’s - wonder if it also prioritizes Blue Mage first then

Caeryss, Legendary Ice Hunter


  • Envenom poison only lasts a second or two but ticks much more quickly, so that it’s more bursty.
  • Reconstitute doesn’t heal much, so it relies upon avoiding getting hit.
  • Breath attack causes every hit after the first to deal an increased percentage of damage. The bonus damage from undertow stacks with both the breath damage bonus and Envenom poison.

Glossia, Legendary Earth Sorceror

  • Crystalize: 60% damage to be finished off by swipe attack due to large debuff percentage (freeze lasts around 6s but debuff lasts until destruction)
  • Spell Weaving is like a limited Steal Essence, similar to Tricker’s Toolkit on Zenko
    • Mage = Prismatic Lights (no detail on which mage tower = which mark type); Flak Towers = Crystal Tomb; ??? (everything else?) = Reflection


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Thanks @forScience as always :star_struck:

“It’s less egregious to release three earth mythics in a row than it is to release multiple fire sorcerers.” Ever tried to get one set of gear much less two of the same element? Clearly not.


Hmm… first wave legendary dragons don’t seem that good to me. Galgrim might be viable, but I need to see the spell details before I decide. Rider might become a viable option as I am short on dragon riders. What do you guys think of the first wave dragons and rider?

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is golden hex based off crumble to dust?


Seems like it is. Happy cake day by the way!

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Really frustrated about the change from fire to earth on Faf… wasted shards leveling gear.
Just PG doing what pg does I guess.


Lol. “Elements subject to change”
And then you change a Fire Sorcerer mythic to an Earth element. You know, the same element as 2 already released Abysmal mythic divines.

Do you guys actually strive to be this frustrating, or is it just raw natural talent?


I really hope Battle Screech isnt as lame as War Cry. Snow Drift seems a bit disappointing if it has the same target size as sand. With the new war mechanics and the heavy shift towards atlas sand setup isnt nearly as useful as it once was.

They should just change the name of the game to Earth Dragons because apparently we needed almost a year worth of them. Did they really think anyone wanted a 3rd earth mythic in a row just because it’s a sorcerer?

So this year we had
Dark & Wind
Earth & Ice
Earth & Dark
Earth & Ice
Hmmm, that’s some good balance and thats only the seasonal mythics


Primers and clearers were a meta that arose from the mechanics of war, but between the new war system and atlas, using primers has penalties associated with it. Why are we still getting so many dragons pigeon holed into this role? @PGLawson


Okay i just have one question. If gryff is a warrior, then why is he having invoker abilities?


The slide is wrong. You know, not even slides are trust worthy in this game.


Snowdrift = noxious vines/sand
Silent swoop = blood mist
Battle screech = battle cry
Golden hex = crumble to dust

In summary, no new spells really, just renamed and rebranded ones :joy::joy::man_facepalming:t3::man_shrugging:t2:


Fire and Wind would have been way better choices for the season @PGLawson


Think Swoop will have 0 rage cost and no cooldown since PG just doesnt seem to care anymore? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Now, we’ll have to see things like cooldowns and rage costs, but it looks like Fafnyr has the potential to be invincible against the traditional microbase:

  • Shining Splendor to start dodging attacks (sounds similar to Deflecting Gale on Namaka).
  • Then first cast of Gild (could do this before SS if you’re fast enough).
  • Then Avarice, to restore rage at the cost of health.
  • Then second cast of Gild to destroy towers and gain health and rage.

Island wiped out, can’t be blocked because they’re all white spells, can’t be hit because of Shining Splendor, can’t be survived because two casts of Gild is an automatic destruction.

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Not really. Faf’nyr can still be taken down in between when the flyer is using Avarice to regain rage. Curse of Greed also stunts rage generation as it’s blocked, so rage drain islands are still viable. Last thing we need are more salty players of the WD Community complaining about ANOTHER dragon being too “OP.” Just because something seems invincible or a spell can be cast too much that allows near total invincibility, doesn’t mean that there are counters. Kullecid’s Bloodmist could be countered by ice flak ss and blue mages. Surt’s Ragnarok could easily be blocked by storm and earth flaks and allow Dark Flak supershots to stun Surt even more. Everything can be countered in one manner or another.

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Shining Splendor to dodge the rage drain, then destruction of the rage drain (and if necessary, Avarice) to max rage again. Might have some chance if you spread out the mages enough, but since it has the “periodically damages nearby towers,” it probably works like Namaka’s Deflecting Gale, which can clear a long rage drain by itself.

I’m not advocating nerfing it already, or anything like that. I’m just wondering how they can possibly balance a dragon that has a white Deflecting Gale, white Sacrifice, guaranteed rage/health gain on kills, and a white crumble-to-dust. It seems like either you can cast SS, and Gild X 2 (maybe with the help of Avarice), and have a guaranteed kill…or you can’t without killing towers with your main attack, in which case it’s useless.

Of course, this is just based off the first look, so we’ll see more details soon enough.

Up to 42:30 in, so the main stuff is done, just adding a miscellaneous section if there’s new info. Kharnyx confirmed an art book when they have the bandwidth (no timeline)

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