Frostwreath Update - Buffs Coming to Noctarn

Hey Everyone!

We’ve been monitoring feedback from all of you regarding the Frostwreath dragons, and we noticed some feedback trends regarding Noctarn. Players have expressed concern about the dragon’s spell kit, more specifically about the usefulness of a mythic dragon with multiple setup/support abilities, and how those mechanics relate to Atlas conflicts and Wars. Atlas battles frequently demand destroying an enemy’s base as quickly as possible, and optimal War performance places a heavy emphasis on 7-flaming a base (something that requires using only one dragon). Noctarn’s partial identity as a setup dragon was not well aligned with both of these cases, and we wanted to reaffirm Noctarn’s design intent as: “Lead dragon for attacking at tier, Setup dragon for attacking up.” We did not feel that Noctarn, as a mythic lead dragon, was where we wanted her to be, so we brought the issue back to GPF and we all agreed that the dragon could use some buffs. We spent a week or so testing a bunch of different variations on the potential buffs, and here’s what we settled on:

  • Silent Swoop
    • Cooldown reduced to 0 (down from 2).
    • Damage Amplification after uncloaking increased to 150% (up from 125%)
  • Battle Screech
    • Bonus Damage per cast increased to 9% (up from 7%).

Against defended bases, Noctarn’s Silent Swoop was not providing adequate defense. Skilled fliers could blink various supershots and tower attacks once, but the spell’s cooldown was preventing the dragon from reacting to staggered supershot timing. By removing Silent Swoop’s cooldown, players can now blink defending attacks in the 0.5 second duration and choose to either use the damage bonus from the uncloak, or cancel the cloak early to immediately recast Silent Swoop and blink any staggered tower attacks. We also bumped up the uncloak bonus damage on Silent Swoop to give Noctarn slightly more punch when fighting through an island. Now that Noctarn can cloak more often, players will be spending more rage on Silent Swoop. As a result, we wanted players who choose to invest their rage in Battle Screech’s stacking buff to be more rewarded for doing so, so we increased the damage bonus per stack.

We’re announcing the changes today but they won’t come to the game until next week’s Minor Update.