Frostwreath Wave 1 - Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the first wave of Frostwreath Dragons:

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Your pic links don’t work

Darn you transposing! Working on it


May i ask what is scavange duration un modified and what will be the modified duration with the glyph/runes.

I have to say the models are pretty similar to their concept art this time.

Art team always on the top :+1:

I like the dragons i wiml be getting Noctarn as a first ever seasonal mythic :heart_eyes: Eyyy !


Can’t wait to see Faf on the perch.

PG needs to increase the size of Gild on Fafnyr. It’s currently too small.

I’m disappointed with these two mythic dragons. Old spells with new names and some of them are even as powerful as old spells.

Why are next tier dragons have spells less powerful than old dragons. PG might as well just release evolution stones for keys instead of new dragons.


Lmao! Wasnt it @PGKharnyx that said during the summit Q&As that the dragons art work and lore should all match the season, spells, and animations? Well, here we are in the frost season, with and ice looking hunter with snow spells, yet it’s element is wind :rage: (facepalm)

Great job

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You flown the dragons to judge power and ability yet?

You’ve already cluttered 2 threads with this, please don’t do it here as well.


Of corse not! But it’s easy to compare spells based their descriptions.

Amazing mythics I want em both too bad I cant have em both :star_struck:


It’s basically a white crumble to dust. So if it was the same area as crumble to dust, he could just fly around taking out whole islands at a time and and dodging shots all along the way. Not a good idea.

Can someone confirm that Hex is 2 rage, which permits casting Gild twice - rather than each Gild costing 2.

The spot light video shows sand size, not crumble size. This makes it worse than enfeeble.

This is the “official discussion” post, so it seems perfectly acceptable to voice the observation. Especially after seeing the dragon in the spotlight video showing all the art and animations being “ice” themed

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I know that it’s not crumble size and it shouldn’t be. With 2 hits in rapid succession you can destroy 2 towers. How many more would you like it to destroy?

One more. I want Gild has same size as Enfeeble.

The first cast costs 2 and the second cast is 0, then the spell goes on cooldown and the first cast costs 2 again (every other cast costs 2).


Enfeeble has a cool down between the 1st and 2nd cast. Gild does not.