Frostwreath Wave 2 Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss and ask question about the Second Wave of the Frostwreath Season here:

@Arelyna Can you ask the dev that made Mackenzie to pop in and explain how he fits into a modern defensive base and where his skills add value for the player’s spent sigils?


Does Morak’s Magic barrier gain rage when hit by mage supershot?

No it’s absorb magic (2 rage) that does that

It’s the same spell that Hyaku had last season. It’s a white, 0 rage Invincibility shield that doesnt last as long.

Since it is a trend this season, can Morak be changed to a fire dragon instead of an earth dragon, please?
At least on paper, Morak looks more fitting to be a mythic than Faf does. Will need to see it fly but seems like he’ll be pretty hard to even kill if he’s loaded with rage boosts.


No healing though, so you can’t mess up at all. But if you fly him flawlessly he would be very hard to kill.


He seems like he’ll really hit short bases hard, especially if they swapped their blue mage for another flak. I havent tried it but can you fire the invoke shot while turning like a spell or does it bounce off?

What sucks though is I dont have a good generic rider to put on him that gives rage. I didnt get Ano or Reg so my options for stats are Saito or Astrid or skip stats and use Anja for the rage :sob:

I’m actually curious on how well he’d do against kill islands. He seems pretty tanky and viable as long as the blue mage is taken care of

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Is wave 2 released after breeding event?

should be out this week if as announced

Release is this week.


Can someone refresh my memory, does Magic Barrier get canceled by an Ice Flak SS?

Yes, it does

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I believe the only spells that dont get canceled if hit by an IF ss are dodge style spells like Flash and his own Rapid Cooling, passive yellow spells and held spells that are preloaded

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Held spells are cancelled. At least for some dragons (should be all or none).

I second the request to make that invoker a fire dragon.


No they arent, if it is already cast they dont get canceled. If it gets canceled then that sounds like a glitch

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Try holding Ragnarok while hit by an IF SS. I’ll wait.

So this dragon has no way recovering health ?

No it’s a dragon who dodge all incoming projectiles