Frozen Chaos Wave 1 - Official Discussion Thread

Check out all of the new details for the upcoming season here: Entering A Time Paralyzed By Disorder

What do you think about the upcoming Frozen Chaos?

  • Intrigued and interested… (Positive)
  • Meh (Neutral)
  • Wish it was more wintery (Negative)

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We figure that some players were expecting a season filled with something like Yeti-inspired dragons and portraits of warriors in a blizzard. But we wanted to continue the narrative with the themes of the strange and infinite realms that we established since the Eclipse season. Nevertheless, let us know what you like, or what you wish you could’ve seen this season!


Legendary Dragon, Base Boost, Electrum Tower, Resurrection and Champion Rider branches are all increasing in sigil cost :frowning:


Everything was wow until the increase in sigil cost :anguished:


To be honest, while I like the individual dragons a lot, the “theme” feels mostly nonexistent the past few seasons, it’s more a collection of cool but unrelated dragons. Nothing like the Japanese theme or the Dias de las Muertos seasons.


The mythic warrior looks more like a sorcerer, spell kit wise.
Also, CORELLAE! That seems like a cool spell kit that i want to try!

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New mythics look absolutely amazing the new hunter will have a crazy high skill cap from the sounds of it I can’t wait tbh. Warrior looks really well put together as well.


So costs are finally going up… and what will we be getting for these extra sigils we must now spend? Also why did dragons only go up 1.5k but everything else went up 2k? Will event prizes also be going up to make up for the inflation?

Interesting that the Electrum tower line is listed as coming out week 3 during a PvP. Im glad it’ll be sooner rather than later, though

That Mythic hunter with the increased speed will either be horrible or it will break atlas. Not sure why they would make the already fastest class even faster (oh yeah, because it’s a hunter)

Not too sure about the warrior yet, his spells are kind of weird. I do wish they would do with his freeze what they did with Washi’s and increase the range of it. Warrior freezes are so iffy on what towers they hit on long islands

100% agree. I liked it much more when everything seemed to exist in the same theme and you could look at it and at least have an idea. Now it’s like random team generation in an online game. Im not seeing what any of these dragons have to do with “Frozen Chaos”. Hell, the 1 ice dragon is just swimming around in what doesn’t look like very cold water.


Food themed dragons, or avatar :eyes:



Dragons are interesting and costs go up :relieved:
Interesting meaning spell kit, design is very good just a bit out of season

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It honestly seems like they put ideas in a hat, pulled one out at random and made it into a dragon.

Agreed. I get that PG wants the dragons to have a individual feel to them. They can do that but still make it feel like it fits the theme.

And to me that’s kinda bull crap. The ice dragon looks more like a sea dragon/sea horse then something you’d see in the snow. They could of put icicles on it instead but they didn’t.

Again I get it individually is cool. But having random dragons tossed into a season that’s called Frozen Choas and none of them look like they’re frozen or anything like that is a HUGE let down.

Those frozen chaos season is giving me sring or summer vibes due tue the dragon artwork alone, not winter



@DragonPunch shh don’t worry I won’t tell if you give me this free :wink:


Will Hildr be the Resurrection dragon? :eyes::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:



too bad the portrait I like is in the invoker branch :sob::sob:


Visuals of the new dragons - Spells | Rune |Glyph

Corallae - Legendary Ice Sorcerer and Discount dragon

Aerow - Mythic Wind Hunter

Oraun - Legendary Dark Invoker

Reyze - Mythic Fire Warrior


This is true, but look at it from the perspective of the art designer: before they had to design thematically similar dragons, now they have a LOT more freedom for the concept and art.
However, I still think that the dragons should fit together into a season without needing their lore to explain it. In this case it could be snowy stuff. In the lore, it talks about this season being “the coldest winter”, so it would have been nice to see how this snow storm has affected each dragon. And each dragon will be affected differently. Oraun looks kinda like the Northern Lights, so that could be its connection to the winter vibe. Adding icicles or snow to dragons could also be really cool, just imagine Aerow with icicles flying off its wings!


Honestly Oraun looks better than Corallae. I am exited to see how much damage it can do, especially without a one shot invoke. It has such low cooldowns too! Its invoke is 1.5 seconds, its cloak is 1 second and basically stealwings before buff, Its one shot can be lowered to 0.75 seconds with runes! Although i am confused with Twilight Mantle, @DragonPunch is the duration 4 seconds for shield + 4 seconds for breath amp = 8 seconds, and why does it say “duration: 5s” below it?

Why are the prices going up? I’m getting nothing new compared to previous years.

And don’t tell me its because there’s a new tier because that is BS. Top tier is top tier regardless of whether or not its new.

And also don’t tell me it’s because I get more evolution stones because out of the 15 evo stones you get, the first 13-14 stones are are useless. Its like selling me a car and giving me a saddle for a horse and then claiming you have to charge me more because I got the useless saddle.

Ultimately, there is no justification to the price inflation … ESPECIALLY considering the economy is beyond broken.


the last two seasons have been this way.


The “5s” is a mistake in the document, the duration is 4s and the buff is 4s. I’ve correct it in the picture :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Not sure how well the warrior will be able to do with that bad shield. 40% of it’s HP is like 2 taps at most, that thing wont last for probably more than a second and the cd is pretty long even for 0 rage. Seems like howitzers and ice flaks are going slaughter him and he’ll be easy to rage drain.

Will need to see him fly but that shield just looks like a bad spell. I’d much rather see a dodge than a weak explosive shield variant

Also 30% for the red spell? Will that even kill a boosted defended tower? It definitely will not the moment towers pass its level