Frozen Chaos - Week 2 - Breeding

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • Discounts on the prices of Corallae’s branch and the Base Boost Branch should end after this event.
  • The 20% prize value increase in the Cosmic Orrery Branch should follow suit and end as well.
  • This is the second and final event to redeem StrangeLands Mythic Keys and Ascention Tokens, and the Frozen Chaos Candy Cane Branch should also see its final week.


  • Should pets get checkups from veterinarians just as humans get them from doctors?
  • What will you be breeding this event?

My answers:

  • To state it very succinctly and concisely, yes, I do think pets should receive discretionary checkups from their vets. However, these would be at the discretion of the pet owner. Veterinary checkups are not really obligatory, and for good enough reason, but I feel it is a sensible choice if the owner feels that way. If you know what is best for your pet, there is no right or wrong choice, as long as it is known when a vet’s assistance is dire for the sake of the pet’s physical and systemic well-being.

  • I hope to breed Balor, my final Eldritch dragon.

  • Yes, yearly if able.
  • Research. How much remains to be seen. I have bred all lineage dragons, so nothing left to breed.

YAY I guess…?

I have dogs and cats. My dogs have to go in and get their rabies vaccine and licenses so they get checked up during that. I have a boxer that is 13 years old so his health is important to stay on top of. My cats not so much. If there is something wrong or going in for shots they will get checked out. Not yearly though.

Daegon and working on the next in line.

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  1. Yes. I usually just go with the yearly check up for my pets, and that normally works well. It was that sort of check up that detected cancer in one of my childhood dogs many years back. Point is: yes, check ups are expensive, but if it means keeping your pet healthy and well, it’s worth it.

  2. Asuri and Malok

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My pets have always had insurance. It is totally worth it. It’s more expansive as they get older but they need to be checked on like humans do.

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Yes if you care about them. Pets need their shots and as they age need checkups to see if their diet needs changing.
Our pets should be covered by our health insurance as dependants because they are.

Research eggs. Dont even know what research Im going to do yet, I have nearly all of it done except for Eldritch and then stuff for pylons and invokers in Emp and Abyssal. I wish we at least could know the research path for the next tier so we know what will and wont continue on.
I’d like to do the eldritch lighting research but I have a feeling that’s going to be a dead node.
Eldritch research was total garbage

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Yes, if anyone answers no then they are a cruel monster. But If people charge crazy amounts for animal care then it can turn the other way around.

First Arcanum dragon Ikti, then 2 more I’d have to check the breeding guide.

Also the poster makes me miss that old divine dragon never got him but would have been interesting to get him nonetheless.

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Would you please take turns introducing posters every week? :relaxed: :pray:

We update the poster for the next event every Monday at 8am PST. :blush:

If you don’t understand equality, I’ll make a next thread :roll_eyes:


As I’m not on any social media, I’d love for the CF members to post their posters in Jalen’s thread weekly. I thought he was using different members posters each week (or maybe the coolest :thinking: - make it a competition amongst the CF, whose poster is coolest each week by Jalen standards :sunglasses:).


Unfortunately no.

The last 3 used were from Tami to be honest. Before that it was Miina’s. I’m not on social media either, but I am in a group on Line that I see some others. I shared Fishka’s in a team line chat this week.

I agree though for those not on social media would be nice to have some other way of seeing all the cool posters.

Fishka’s poster


I would love to make some posters for some events, if it’s possible :grin:

To be fair, DEM didnt do one and you and Duff both did videos which cant be copy and pasted into a forum post (or at least is difficult). So from that list there are only 2 choices.
Not sure about Jalen but to me Tami’s was more clear. FishKA’s is really pretty but difficult to read because of the text color (at least for me anyway)

Imo if others want to post other posters then they can but since it is Jalen’s topic he can post whichever one he likes. No one is stopping the CF from creating their own event topic or sharing their posters. Imp even posted his own earlier in his topic


This has gone from the breeding event to discussions on pet health


Here is one I made


Every week Jalen announces the event (since PG doesn’t make official posts :unamused:), he asks random Questions which engage the viewer. You can elect to answer the WD-related question only; or both, or neither. I am quite fond of his posts with the inclusion of random stuff. Especially since the forums have been kinda meh lately.

  1. Depends on the animal IMO. My cat doesn’t go regularly but he’s a spoiled house cat who is religious about his habits. If something is off, I will def take him, but I don’t feel I need to pay outrageous fees for them to tell me he’s doing okay.

  2. Research, nothing left to breed.


Ok thanks @Jalen Your better than PG!

Lokan or opes
Might get opes but I’m not sure if he/she is a good gold farmer

I don’t have any pets but if people care about animals life’s they should

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Yes of course.

Shezard and Wydrian

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