Frozen Chaos - Week 2 - Breeding

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Ignore that dude he’s kinda ignorant the one your replying to, besides he seems to attack anyone who has opposite opinions.

Wow … he’s even more pretty than just the black outlining in my breeding den

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Good use of color and a simple and classic design!
Crude by comparison to todays dragons I suppose :man_shrugging:
But something very clean about its design iconic almost.


Well engineers normally say the most compelling color is the color blue so no wonder I like it’s colors especially the out of place pink

What Do You Have Against Me And DODO?!

I wouldnt say crude but certainly clean like you said. There’s something nice and refreshing about a more classic design. The art team certainly does some nice work but some of the dragons do look a bit overdone. I’d take that design over Xul or Aerow any day of the week.

I was super disappointed that Celestial Rift didn’t have anything similar to Dima in it. Some of those older designs were damn nice :heart_eyes:


This is certainly off topic but would you consider that dodo looks remotely like a duck? take this to my temple of dodo thread so we don’t get flagged. Temple Of Dodo (not other dragons) - #44 by Wreckedyou

Crude may be a harsh word there :thinking:
Simplistic and lacking the level of detail ….
Hmmmm but yes you are right not quite crude! :sunglasses::+1:
Oh and I do agree some newer ones are overdone and in some cases almost gaudy lol

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Chill! You are free to make your own thread. I honestly think you should, or anyone from CF should do these kind of stuffs. Jalen is not, in anyway, compelled to do any of these stuffs but since none from CF could initiate this here at the Forums, Jalen would just do it out of care for those that frequent here more than in any other social media platforms.


Just research … waiting impatiently for the next tire to come

about pets…
Imho you should take care of any animal in your care, whether it is a pet, livestock, watchdog on a chain, chickens in a chicken farm etc etc etc.

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It’s taking a wheely long time


Sylvix and Ikti… huh wasn’t paying attention, that’s Arcanum. Awesome N-1…

As for pets. They should always be looked after. We have Pet Insurance for our dog our cat is an indoor cat and does not have the sane issues. However they always get their yearly needles, and check up alongside monthly medicine.

Treat your pets health like you would your children… just don’t in general treat them like children… that can go from cute to creepy in a moment.


I think checkups for pets make a lot more sense than for humans. Pets can’t tell you if they don’t feel well, you’ll generally only notice when they’re already quite bad.
For humans it mostly seems like a waste of doctor time to do a check up when nothing is wrong but to each their own I suppose.

Warrior research :see_no_evil:


About the pets: if you want a pet you have to take care of it. It’s a living creature, so if it needs any treatment, checkups or time from you it should have it. If you don’t want to or aren’t able to, better not have any.

About breeding event: A 340k tokens on research eggs (to end Vanguard and some empyrean too) and I will dump 900 mystic fragments into an old lineage dragon to max out the event.


you completed the 7 dragon balls to get this bro?

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We really crying about what poster is used? If it’s so easy, why don’t you just post yours in the thread?

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You said exactly what I would have said. Thank you for summing it up. :slightly_smiling_face:

If I’m being honest, I scanned the entire extensive list in your Creators Faction Thread. I do this every time, and choices are often limited, because different CF members do different things. Most only create posters, most only create videos, and a select few just post random content. (This is all good, because as CF members, the objective is to post some form of content for engagement from outside of the game.) It is difficult to take turns sharing among different CF members when not many create posters. This is, of course, not to understate how much effort goes into each form of content; some applause is deserved in every field simply for diligence.

This isn’t about equality. I’m not discriminating against anyone, but if your insistence is that you make a new thread, you can if you’d like, though I may follow suit with previous threads and continue creating my own. There is no correct nor incorrect way to confirm what the following event is. I try to strive for “equality”, but when the options don’t vary, neither will the poster credits. However, I kindly ask that you do not label my choices as something negative.


Jalen isn’t in CF, he can pick whatever poster to share as HE likes to share. That’s the beauty of choice , don’t like it, don’t open it. And as many said, options are limited to the forum availabilities.
I actually like his threads, since I don’t see PG or CF creating them right now.

As for his questions

  1. my dog gets a yearly checkup with her vaccinations twice a year, due to the training programs. So yes I think everyone should do that with their pets.

  2. Just research.