Frozen Chaos - Week 3 - Team Gauntlet


Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Imperivm92 of the Creators Faction.


  • The Spell Rider Branch and the Resurrection Branch should be released this event.
  • Discounted prices on Corallae’s branch and the Base Boost Branch should be set to standard prices.
  • The 20% prize value increase on the Cosmic Orrery Branch will be gone this event.
  • There will be no more Key Redemption Branch, as we are transitioning into Week 3.


  • What is a life lesson that has stuck with you for a long time? Do you have an explanation on why you had to learn said lesson, or on how it was learned?
  • Given you were broke and struggling, if you were provided the exclusive opportunity to receive $50B at the expense of the lives of over 50,000 other people, would you sacrifice their lives for the money?

Depends… is it a button that says do not push… I cannot resist those…

Realistically though no I wouldn’t push



How to be strong when you feel like dying inside from feeling helpless so you can help others that need your help.
That last month of my mom’s life with her radiation, pain, loss of mobility, need to make her last wishes written down, and make sure I knew how to take over her household bills/finances, etc was very rough. Yet having to be strong for her and not devolve into a sobbing mess. I still cry thinking about it and I’m not in “public”, but when I am in public (forums are public most of the time) I am logic because I must be.


No amount of money is worth it for the sacrifice of others.

I have lived with nothing ( once I had to hunt through my glovebox for 70c to buy fuel with 5 and 10c pieces and copped abuse from the check out person because minimum pump was $5 lol.

To a decent level of wealth with millions in assets.

Increase in wealth creates happiness to an extent but it drops off very fast and doesn’t scale very well.

My first car at $400 gave me much more happiness compared to my last car which was over $100k. I bet people here spending half a million on a car get even less incremental happiness.

Being on or below the poverty line sucks and is very difficult and stressful. Once you are above that then there isn’t much difference the higher you move up.

No one needs $50bn. $5mm-10mm in assets with regular income should be fine for most people. Anyone with $5mm or more in assets should be grateful and thankful.

Biggest lesson for me is that 2-3 life changing opportunities will stop by you in your lifetime. It could be a career path, a partner or another opportunity. Jump on them and maximise them. You will regret missing out on these when they show up if you do nothing


No I despise money and seek only what I need so I can provide and survive.

I’d recycle everything in the world humans have touched……if they would let me! Lol

Embrace and seek to perceive change……. as it’s the only thing that will not fail you….

Everything will change……

Blessed be!


By the way ……
Great questions jalen! :sunglasses::facepunch:


Two related ones: “Just because they’re blood doesn’t make them family” and “Life is too short to keep toxic people in your life.” Cut them out like the cancer that they are.

Explanation so people arent forced to read my family drama

My relatives (on my mother’s side) were pretty terrible people, especially her older brother who was basically the puppet master telling everyone else how to think (generally very racist and homophobic things). They ruined the last few holidays that I ever had with my mother before she died and then started treating my father, my sister and myself like we were outsiders. We had tried to keep things together out of the memory of my mother but it got to the point that we stopped talking for a while. and Then we found out my Grandmother also passed and they never told us about it or invited us to say goodbye. We found out almost a year later from my former cousin’s Instagram post. That is when both of those lessons finally sunk in. Blood does not make a family.

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I guess it would kind of depend on if it was random, if it was people I know or if I could choose. Im sure there are at least 50,000 murderers, animal abusers, racists who hurt people and rapists out there to pick. If I could choose that then I’d be pressing that button until it broke.

If it was 50k random people then no. The money would be great and I could do amazing things with it but I doubt I could live with the gilt

Also YAY GAUNTLET! My favorite event


For me I would consider doing it
As similar to control burning of forest to replenish the fertile of the soil that amount of money will be able to help thousands if not millions more so even if im targeted I would go with a smile


As someone who has lost a parent in my early 20s, I could never willingly inflict that upon someone else (unless their parent was a monster who hurt people). I do think the human species is terrible and the world would be far better off without us but I don’t think I could live my life knowing I probably ended the lives of innocent children, mothers, fathers, siblings, etc… for my personal own gain.
If I knew the types of people that were being sacrificed and was guaranteed they were awful individuals then that’s another story, wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep. And I mean really awful people, not just that jerk who cut me off on the road or that woman being an entitled Karen in public.


Now that’s a bit extreme wouldn’t you say? We can change if we choice not to be ignorant, compelled by a dark force to kill others, and spreading cheer towards others. Heck even the spirits above believe in at least some of us if not most of us. Tis the Season for good cheer and giving after all right?

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Normally I don’t read your replies and have you blocked but since it showed me this for some reason I’ll reply to it once. Im not looking to start a debate or derail this topic which is where this is going.
No, I don’t think it is extreme. I do not believe evil people can change because that is what makes them evil. There is a difference between ignorant people and people who are just plain cruel and evil.

Collaped because it's off topic

Rapists, child molesters, pedophiles, people who hurt and kill others because of the color of their skin, their nationality or perceived nationality, their gender identity, their sexual orientation, or any of the other thousand bigoted reasons out there, people who purposefully hurt, neglect and/or torture innocent animals for their own enjoyment, people who actively try to strip away the rights and freedom of others because they don’t like them. People who take joy from hurting and murdering people. Those are people who will not change. At best they learn to hide it to fool others.

I do not believe in some made-up idea of a higher power, or dark forces or “spirits above”. I do not believe in some unseen force that makes people do wicked things or that is judging us. I believe some people do evil things because they are evil and sick.
If those are things you or anyone else wishes to believe in then that is your right but it is also my right not to believe in them.

In this hypothetical situation yes, I would be willing to sacrifice 50,000 evil people. If that viewpoint deems me evil in someone else’s eyes then I can live with that.

Also I don’t really believe in a specific holiday season to be the time to spread cheer towards others. That is something we should do no matter the time of year.


I generally do agree I hate the rapists and predators no faith in them but corrupt I’m not even sure about ….

Yall BSrs hell yeah its 50b :rofl: gonna beat JL to 1000


Potato’s are awesome, I learnt this lesson because fiery nearly has all the faction badges and I’m scared

Depends are the 50000 people bad like are they in jail or something then spam the button


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Used to love gauntlet, but just bored of all the events now.

With $50B you could save a lot more than 50,000 lives (from disease, famine etc). So yep I’d sacrifice them to save others.

And maybe invest in a couple more weeks of atlas elite :smiley:

  1. That the bad I tell myself stays with me for much longer than the good other people tells me.

I have struggled with low self-esteem since my teens, and even now in my 50 ( :see_no_evil:) I still feel like someday everyone will see the truth and know that I am worthless.

  1. My rational me believes that I would say NO!
    And if given the actual choice I hope I would stay true to that and not be corrupted.
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If that’s what you have in mind
If that’s what you’re all about
Good luck movin’ up
'Cause I’m moving out

Listened to this Billy Joel song a lot as a kid and it really stuck. Basically, keeping up with the Joneses is a complete waste of everything. Why put yourself under increased financial pressure for perceptions. Better to live comfortably within your means without caring what others think of you. If your friends judge you on what you own/how much money you have, you need different friends.


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Absolutely, not. I’ve been there and can say for sure that I never wanted to compromise another person’s livelihood to be affluent myself.

Be courteous to others including opening doors for people. My father taught me and I have found value to do it as an adult as well. Now I teach my son the same lesson and feel proud when he runs to open a door for someone even when he has no intention of going through that door at all.


What if you couldn’t choose and the 50,000 were taken first from all of your family and friends?

What if the death was extremely painful and drawn out over 2 years would the 50bn be worth it to have everyone you love die?

What if some of the 50,000 were important scientists that would of been critical to prevent climate change or take the species up to the next level?

Inversely how would you feel if someone you didn’t know made the choice to take 50bn and you were one of the ones that died a slow and painful death over 2 years. Perhaps gangrene of the legs in the first week requiring a double amputation followed by two years of hell like conditions?

There have been a few movies like this where the person was like yep ill take the money but where it backfired pretty badly.