Frozen Chaos - Week 4 - Fortification


Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • The “12 Days of Dragon Redemption” Branch will disappear after this fortification event.
  • The “Archmage Glyphs” Branch will disappear alongside the Redemption Branch.
  • The StrangeLands Leaderboard Prizes Branch will also be disappearing following fortification.
  • In place of these various disappearances, the Electrum Branch will be released this event.
  • Tower levels 133-135 will also be released this event.


  • What do you do for inspiration or motivation when you’ve been broken down or lost confidence?
  • Which level are you going to this event?
Bonus Questions
  • Do you have any plans for Christmas?
  • What is your favorite part about Christmas?

My answers:

  • I normally read quotes for inspiration or motivation; sometimes I even form my own, and share them.
  • My primary goal is level 495 (from 490) since I will be entering Verdant tier next breeding event, but my secondary goal, if achievable, will be level 500, for the excitement of being at the final part of the struggle.

  • I have no real plans for Christmas. It will just be a typically enjoyable day with my family.
  • I admire everything about Christmas, but I think that the quality I have the most admiration for would be the magical sensation overall. I could sit in silence and solitude the entire day and still rate it as a 10/10. Christmas is a magical time for me; it is my favorite time of the year.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a delightful New Year. I sincerely hope that your holiday is full of merriment, and that your year in 2022 is filled with success, happiness, and the fondest of memories.

  • I tell myself how easy my life is compared to all of human history and I just need to suck it up and keep going (I’m tons of fun at parties).
  • 623 from 620
  • Traveling to the inlaws
  • Time away from work = more time with my kids

Prob 514 or so. Not really sure lol, just want to max out my towers

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From like 330 to 355 or so. Have some stuff to catch up on

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Tbh, most of the time when I’m feeling down I create stuff, one of the reasons my job as CF is a bit more for me then just do something, it gives me a great reason to create stuff and for sure with a lot of music :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Not since we have covid. My mother is working the whole holidays, so I’m staying with my BF and his family :blush:

:joy: I’m a grinch too. Most of the time it is pretty exhausting for me to be with ppl and their ideas of a “perfect” Christmas. “I want it that way and not another way”. So I really appreciate the days between Christmas and New year the most :blush:



Just spending the day with my dad and sister. We don’t really celebrate it much anymore since we lost my mom. We don’t put a tree up until like the 23rd and then it gets taken down by newyears day

Also trying to find a time to go see the new Spider-man movie but the theaters are so damn crowded and Im really not comfortable yet with some random person sitting next to me not wearing a mask. So may have to wait until after the holidays to see it

Happy Holidays :star_of_david: :christmas_tree: :champagne: :snowflake:


Ruru is an official PG mascot and also a slacker.

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Still no word on the new tower ? Yayyyyyyy

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Level 100. The answer is always level 100 :crazy_face:

Week 8 apparently

@DragonPunch Would be nice to know if/when we’ll be able to transform Archmages before the limited time glyph line runs out


Look to my kids. They are the best thing. They literally saved my life. No matter how bad things get they can bring out the best in me.

Shooting for 475

I work 16 hours. So double time and a half. Can’t beat it. I will celebrate after Christmas with my family the week after


No level goal for me. Take 24 towers from 132 to 135 then see where my points are 🥲


I should hit 25mm pts in the event and level will probably not change and remain at 600.

( I artificially increased my level from 576 - 600 last fort and as a result placed myself into a 20mm XP hole )

I agree with @Anduril above - when the going gets tough just gotta be thankful for all the good things we do have. Super glad to be born now rather than even 100 years ago.

Xmas will mostly be with family but for me its nice to have that week off. In Australia our holidays are stacked towards the front of the year so the break is well earned :slight_smile:


What do you do for inspiration or motivation when you’ve been broken down or lost confidence?
A few different things. For motivation and inspiration itself, listening to music–for sure. But talking to close friends and family and playing with my dogs also always helps whenever I’m feeling down.

Which level are you going to this event?
Going from level 509 to around 516, maybe even a little higher.

Do you have any plans for Christmas?
Yes! Will be heading up to North Queensland to spend time with family up there. Christmas itself will be at my relatives’ house, so we’ll be having lunch on the patio, frequently jumping into the pool to try to stay cool.

What is your favorite part about Christmas?
Spending time with family, of course! But also the lunch, which usually includes the likes of: leg ham, mango & walnut salad, pavlova… and of course the Christmas punch!


Picture of dogs

I don’t play this game competitively or using strategic I just play it for fun idc what level I go to

Going to my grandmas cause she usually hosts the Christmas parties and most of my family is there

For this year because of lockdowns it would be nice to see them again And a iPad that works cause my one keeps closing apps for no reason when I’m using them

Haven’t decided yet maybe blow up my timer to get to 600 or just finished lv tower

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The new spider man movie is worth the wait, great flick.

A higher one


Sexy elf costumes…. And that is my plan… I look soooo good in butless green leggings.