Frozen Chaos - Week 6 - Breeding

The first event of the year of 2022 will be Breeding!


Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Imperivm92 of the Creators Faction.


  • There is nothing to report until next week.


  • Have you ever played a sport or a very competitive game?
  • Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?
  • Which dragons will you breed this event, if any?

My answers:

  • I have taken part in various sports, yes: these include soccer, swimming, bowling, baseball, softball, basketball, dodgeball, tennis, and golf. (Naming these all out consecutively, I now realize that I am more athletic than I ever thought I was, or had ever given myself actual credit for.)
  • I did make some New Year’s Resolutions to commit toward this year; they’re mostly regarding my public behavior (my awkwardness in response to anxiety or embarrassment), as well as what happens inwardly, and I intend to fulfill them all as best I can. This will also be year of achieving goals, some of which are new, and some of which I’ve had ingrained for at least 27.7% of my life with no successive action.
  • I will be breeding Makota, my first Verdant-tier dragon. Makota is a Verdant Legendary Wind Invoker.

Does anybody know if Assault is also coming with breeding?

And, even more important, is this breeding event bringing the new tier?

  1. I have taken part in various sports like archery, rowing, swimming, ballett, table tennis, tennis and badminton :sweat_smile: now I just do fitness.

  2. More fitness :blush: I’ve started in the beginning of December again. And improving my creations, want to start more in video editing :blush:.

  3. I won’t breed a dragon this event – doing research :partying_face:


Not confirmed yet

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“Once the next tier (tier 20) goes live in Feb 2022, all the “Upcoming” text will update with the name of new tier as soon as it is live, and the dragons will be able to be upgraded” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: new tier in Feb


Nope. I used to play TCGs if that counts but never been into sports

Nope, I think resolutions are mostly just setting yourself up for disappointment. Especially in these current covid times.

More lame research eggs *sigh* Im so bored. While I did like the notion of this new breeding format, it has become rather frustrating with only 4 dragons to breed in a 6 month period. I mean it’s great if you were behind on research but if you weren’t then you’re struggling to find things to earn points on. I hate to say it but either they need to go back to the old breeding format or they need to improve research and go back and add more branches (that are worth getting) to past tiers.
Im starting to feel like Im being punished for being caught up on research and not getting anything for my tokens.


I used to compete in mixed martial arts tournaments if that counts ( Tae Kwon Do / Brazilian Ju-Jitsu )

These days I just cycle 100-140kms per week, try to run at least a half marathon every Sunday and then some shorter runs with 2 gym sessions.

Guess that’s just general fitness.

No new years resolutions for me :wink:

More research and man it’s expensive now lol. 400,000 eggs for one research. And given you cant use frags that means I can do 3/4 of 1 research :frowning:

I have 3500 frags which will be idle till new tier.


No idea why people think a new tier would come this event. Its 4 weeks too early :rofl:


Crappy school sports I’d rather just walk around in a circle

Nope I don’t make any resolutions

I didn’t get to 360 in fort so I can’t hatch any vanguards so just research


Research research and more research idk i kinda want more dragon


Plus they literally told us in the wave 1 topic at the start of the season that it was coming in Feb.

Though I guess people are in need of something to actually breed


Hmmmm remind us not to be on your bad side Mr.Jiu Jitsu.Hahahahahaha


I haven’t trained in any martial arts for 10 years so I would be rubbish now :smiley:

I played chess moderately seriously in elementary and middle school. I did not enjoy it (competitively, as a game its fine) and did less in high school, then none in college.

No, I used to, in high school, but I generally accept myself more these days. I’m not a better person, just a more resigned one.

Plan to finish Balor then get Rozaeus.

It would be great if PG could confirm whether or not Assault/Team Dungeons is occurring!


Thank you Imperivm92!

Hoping to hear assault is coming!

Figure skating, gymnastics, fastball, volleyball, basket, and did lots of running in school (cross country, relay, 50m, 100m). Now it is beer league type of sports :rofl:

Nothing confirmed, but have had many thoughts


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There will be no mini-event alongside this event, unfortunately. (See Tami’s post above.)


No assault that’s lame then what is going to become of dungeons?

I’m thinking of not getting Korgon (using all mystic frags for Narmak). Is there a risk that Korgon is needed for breeding the next tier?