Frozen Chaos - Week 6 - Breeding

Research research and more research idk i kinda want more dragon


Plus they literally told us in the wave 1 topic at the start of the season that it was coming in Feb.

Though I guess people are in need of something to actually breed


Hmmmm remind us not to be on your bad side Mr.Jiu Jitsu.Hahahahahaha


I haven’t trained in any martial arts for 10 years so I would be rubbish now :smiley:

I played chess moderately seriously in elementary and middle school. I did not enjoy it (competitively, as a game its fine) and did less in high school, then none in college.

No, I used to, in high school, but I generally accept myself more these days. I’m not a better person, just a more resigned one.

Plan to finish Balor then get Rozaeus.

It would be great if PG could confirm whether or not Assault/Team Dungeons is occurring!


Thank you Imperivm92!

Hoping to hear assault is coming!

Figure skating, gymnastics, fastball, volleyball, basket, and did lots of running in school (cross country, relay, 50m, 100m). Now it is beer league type of sports :rofl:

Nothing confirmed, but have had many thoughts


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There will be no mini-event alongside this event, unfortunately. (See Tami’s post above.)


No assault that’s lame then what is going to become of dungeons?

I’m thinking of not getting Korgon (using all mystic frags for Narmak). Is there a risk that Korgon is needed for breeding the next tier?

I don’t think so, but Narmak gives the most Arcanum eggs (9 vs. 4 or 5). If you care about taking your Artisans to mythic, you may want to use tokens on Narmak, and mystics on one of the others, if still available.

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Thanks, good point. I’m only taking Quilleth to mythic. The cheaper research eggs would be good (35k vs 58k), but by the time I’m doing arcanum research it’ll be heavily discounted. I was using frags on Narmak because the others have 10% discount (though maybe I have more frags than I can ever use).

Getting all the artisans didn’t require any verdant, so I guess getting all artisan+1 won’t require any arcanum.

Can PG verify that there is no Assault? How do others know this?

Week 6 would be the ideal time for Assault!

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While I agree. It would be better now. The event is live. And there is no Assault. So PG do not have to weigh in here.
Also the CF team get the info to make posters and such straight from PG, so if they advise there is not mini event. They know what they are talking about.


It’s already varified by the fact that we have quests. Quests don’t run during assault. Plus Tami has confirmed it like 4 or 5 times already

It does suck though, this was the ideal time for it since we have nothing else to do. PG needs to be running side/mini events more often. They are doing nothing to keep players engaged and to give us a reason to log in after the first 30s of breeding


Good point about Quests.
Still sucks. Should have been this week!

It’s predictable when there will be assault or dungeons. :eyes:


Ok, thanks. I hadn’t noticed that pattern.

Doesn’t make much sense to me. But a strong pattern.

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I was keeping Aerow as a hatchling for Assault. But should just level up…

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