Frozen Chaos - Week 7 - Crystal Caves

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • The Champion Riders will be released this event. For more information, please visit Tami’s official announcement thread (with some credit to Miina for the included posters).
  • There should be a Limited Time Branch appearing alongside these.


  • What were the events that happened in your scariest or strangest dream/experience?
  • If you could return to any past lifestyle, would you take that chance?

First off-- that announcement graphic is utterly gorgeous!


You had me fooled Scin I thought Jalen typed that :joy::joy::joy: how does one do that?

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PG please hire Tami to make crystal caves that would be amazing to attack bases like this!


Ok weirdest dream was when I was a 5 year old kid.

My uncle bought me this super creepy witch picture that freaked me out. So I hid it in our orchard a good 10 minutes walk from our house.

I went to bed that night just like normal but I had a dream that this witch was trying to kill me, I knew it was a dream and I eventually managed to wake myself and somehow I was in my closet naked and I had locked myself in there with this witch picture in front of me with her beady eyes glaring at me.

Somehow I had sleep walked outside picked up this monstrosity bought it inside. I almost had a heart attack.

Needlessly to say the picture was destroyed that day :smiley:

And oddly that was the only time I have ever sleep walked!


That’s hella creepy!!! And, could totally see that being made into a horror movie! Yikes! :fearful::scream:

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That’s called a artifice and destroying it was not the best call…….
They are made by witches for use in the art of invocation.
Blessed be!
That’s imbalance :rage:
Box that in salt and bury it…. Like the proper way to retire a Ouija board.:+1:

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I still come here cause Jalen’s notification and engagement are worth more to me than just an announcement. But, I am shocked that there wasn’t more participation in this thread this week… :thinking:


I just come to look at the thread, leave, and then track it like an forums obsessive person, and possibly be a trouble child.

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Hunt phase again and still no adjustment ……

Pg you might want to consider actually doing something you said you were going to do because the prevalent perspective and climate of the forum is slowly devolving into negativity as silence reigns!
I understand you would prefer to have a community correspondent with the appropriate communication and conflict resolution skills but at this point we need action and a response of some kind before it gets worse :pray:


Oooooh look at my event screen.

Thanks PG. You are helping me decide if I want to keep playing after 6 years of this shit. Well done! Bravo!!

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Hmmm … I’d rather read the Nock Nerf thread than play this event.


How I felt when flying dragons in the event like low tier trash whether or not it was hitting way way down for lineage dragons or not.

I actually enjoy using the different dragons, I just find the goal of such minor incremental benefits so unmotivating. The only crystal I get interested in hitting is the VP boost crystals. The event is great for grinders, but I don’t play for personal prizes, I play for fun, and for me this event is not fun.


It’s more fun when the opposing team is actually making it a race but when they go to sleep it’s a bummer.

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Had about 40 invalid attacks so far :frowning:

This event is just too grindy


i do 10x super and couple mega with 1/2/3 innerfire ,i got about 200k ~ points, i scored 160k yesterday so 160kx4 days ez 560k points :grinning:

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It is easy points just a massive time hog :slight_smile:

25 rounds x 13-14 attacks to use the 10x multis

Plus rewards are less i think same as fight pit

Hard to play when the event keeps crashing, or the game freezes at end of attacks when backing another player. Samsung S7+ Tab Pro keeps crashing on event open. Makes it so I spend more time launching the game then playing. Hard to keep up with teams that can rush a crystal while I can’t even start an attack.