Frozen Chaos (winter 2021) sigil lines spreadsheet

Another season, another season spreadsheet!

So what’s in it in week 1:

  • Frozen Chaos Candy Cane: small free daily rewards (not included in sheet)
  • Cosmic Orrery line comes in early this season, unchanged from last season
  • Strange Lands Leaderboard Rewards include dragon skins this time (not included in sheet)
  • Redemption line now offers a fairly generous redemption for left-over ascension tokens, equal to the reward given by 3 left-over keys.
  • Legendary dragon lines have increased in cost by 1500 sigils, for which we get 8x 12h timers, 1400x egg tokens, 10x mystic fragments, 840x embers and 1.3m rune dust. Not terrible but not great value either. At 50% discount they’re pretty good though.
  • Base boost line increased cost by 2000 sigils. The extra sigils give you 59x 12h timers and 3032x embers more than last season. A bit more value per sigil than with the dragon line, and actually pretty good value if you get the line discounted.
  • Mission bonus branch, unchanged from last season.

The Resurrection branch is similar to last season. Of course the cost went up, this has been done by slightly increasing the cost of some resource nodes all over the line, all of which also had their resources increased. Apart from that some of the timer drops in the earlier nodes have been significantly increased, making the line a little more attractive for resources. In total 345 12h timers were added. The first 5 prizes are worth getting even if you don’t want the dragon.

The rider line also had some resource nodes costs increased, with proportional quantity increases. Unfortunately most of the nodes that got their cost raised were pretty poor value ones with low drops per sigil, or with zero value drops like scrolls and black pearls. Strong nodes like gold chests were untouched. Altogether I feel this line became slightly worse value with the price hike.

The Archmage branch is a new temporary branch, available for two weeks. It looks like pretty good value, a quick breakdown:
• First node is excellent value for the cost, get it
Legendary glyph with two pretty useful boosts, and easily accessible, nice to have
• Node 3 and 4 are okay-ish, just like 6 and 7.
• Platinums in 5 are great value, worth getting even if the nodes before are so so
Mythic glyph is very nice for anyone with archmages. Probably worth getting if you’re anywhere close to end game.
• Rune dust in 9 is also very good value.
• Chisels in 10 and 12 are very decently priced, but not amazing. Can grab them if you need chisels and got this far anyway.
• Hammers in 11 are hard to compare, with so few sources of them, but if you really need hammers this is a rare opportunity to get a fairly big pile of them in one click.

The “12 Days of Dragons” line is to use tokens from store-bought packs (not included in the sheet)


@Morreion thank you for the review! Are you by chance going to do a review for the specials that pg is selling as well? :sweat_smile:

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I wasn’t really planning too, I feel advising on $ costs is a little different from in-game currencies, and harder to put a proper value on. Also doesn’t help the price differs between countries and platforms.


That’s true :rofl: thank you anyways hehe

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Updated with the electrum line (archmage line).

The price increase was handled much better for this one. The 2000 sigil increase went almost entirely to timer and timer/electrum choice nodes, which had their drops all proportionally increased. 75 sigils went to black pearls, but all the rest is good. Still as solid a line as ever.

For people needing electrum, and considering taking electrum over timers, note that the amount of electrum bars you get for each timer sacrificed varies per node. Nodes with a high “electrum per timer” value are good for picking electrum, if the value is low I recommend timers.

edit: new image, I had one electrum-count copied wrong

edit 2: Zami pointed out that node 31 is missing, not making a new image but I did add the electrum per timer column in the sheet.


Thank you, this is very helpful

Do we know if the new tower branch coming out in week 8 will be the same as this one or will it be more like the cosmic? I’m trying to decide whether it’s better to wait or just grab this one.

Nope, no idea yet if it will be a full branch or a short branch, or something else entirely. Can’t imagine it’ll have much better resources than this one, but there could be another tower-specific currency like with the orrery. We probably won’t know until it’s out, or shortly before.

Ok thank you! I guess I’ll just get this one and spend rubies for the other if I need it.

Any new news o tower? Wish I knew if 1/2 or full branch as a need the recourses and I’ll grab mage if 1/2 branch.

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This hasn’t been released yet. Generally pg releases info the week prior to release ( I say usually as they do it differently sometimes).

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Updated the sheet for week 7.

Changes in the champion rider line:

  • The keys were moved, and the line went from cheapest early keys to by far most expensive
  • The 2k extra sigil cost went to 50 timers, 5k egg tokens and 2500 embers, pretty decent.

New temporary line with reskins:

  • Platinum chests are very nice, 3500 sigils for 15 plats is a pretty nice deal already, and with the extra pvp stuff, embers and chisels on the way it’s a bargain. I’d recommend getting this for anyone.
  • The rune dust node is very nicely priced, but it’s behind the reskins and key, so only worth getting if you were getting those other prizes anyway.
  • The other nodes are all pretty ok value, but nothing spectacular. The tokens are slightly better value than the timers, but close enough to take whichever you need more.

Is it worse getting the dust for 5000 sigils? I need dust but I will have to open those 15 plat. to get this node.

5000 sigils just for 12m rune dust is not a good deal by itself no. If you also like the skins, need the key, and can use the tokens or timers you get on the way, then it’s pretty decent.

And if you really need dust pretty much now your other options are of course limited. Most good-value dust comes from temporaty lines like this and trading posts.

Thanks for the advise. I would prefer to wait next trading post since I don’t want reskin and the key(even though the key also value as 6 gold or 2 plat.).

Thank you, again, for the wonderful breakdown. Looking forward to the update on the new tower line.


Added the new Oculus Tower line. Despite the relatively low timers and gold chests, it’s still pretty high value overall because of the high amount of electrum and cosmic charges. Those are only valuable if you actually need them of course, so I’d only recommend the line to people who value those two specific resources. If not, you’re better off with the electrum (archmage) line.


Not familiar with the total costs of towers, is this line’s electrum/charges enough to build a full orrery or oculus?