Frozen Chaos Winter Season - No preview?

@PGJared @PGrdm @PGNipNap @PGTimber @PGMatt @PGAlgodon - So, we have a new season starting next week and I am reading on War Dragons Addicts on Facebook that there will be no preview stream before the season starts?

I would guess this is because PGGaileo left and there is no replacement for him yet. But if nothing is changing for the season as far as the way the season works goes, could PG please put out an email or forum post saying so, and maybe at least a short description of what we be available for the season? We don’t need a fancy video stream or even pics…we just want some idea of what will be available.

Thanks much! Your loyal player base that is anxiously awaiting the new season…


Season name:

Spell rider, festival dragon, new tower:

A mythic and legendary dragon:

Another legendary dragon:

Just because there’s not preview video yet doesn’t mean PG isn’t giving us what the dragons look like, what type it is, and the element. The spells for the first wave of dragons im sure will be out during fort, like they usually are at the end of the current season


Be good if they could clarify the season structure if there are any changes and that kind of thing.

Surely internally they have some sort of a season plan document they can share even if they need to scrub/sanitize parts of it.

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Heyo. We’re still in the process of putting everything together for y’all, and should have more by early next week. The honorable @DragonPunch is hard at work on it as we speak.


That’s super later to be putting out new season info though and pretty much eliminates any chance people have to prepare and make their final Fall season choices.
It is pretty disappointing to hear this seems to have been left so much to the last minute :sob:


If out before season ends it should not matter

It does if it’s out on Tuesday and people are at work. Remember they took away those 6 extra hours we used to get at the end of a season (for some reason which they never explained)

The new season starts next Wednesday so “early next week” is Monday or Tuesday and we almost never get stuff on Mondays since they have meetings. Even at that, 1 day notice is still very late


So we should expect something by Wednesday 2pm PST, cool.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Normally I’d care ……
Oddly after this season and ascension tokens and what we have seen of the coming season…… I just can’t seem to even care!

Pfffff just surprise me at this point! :man_shrugging::rofl:

This games has become absolutely reliant on planning and balancing to 40 plus redundant currencies :man_facepalming::boom:
And it feels like we’re now flying by the seat of our pants……
Well for those of us wearing them anyway! :crazy_face::fire:


I’m confused, why do we desperately need to know what’s in next season? Claim the chests you want and whatever other goodies you can get and wait. I mean, do we really need to know every single detail about a 3 month long season? Y’all are so damn anxious to get the new season info so you can spend the next 2 months complaining about it. It’s ok guys.


Because the economy is unbalanced and dependent upon a short term set of mechanics found in a repetitive antiquated event cycle and cookie cutter disjointed set of map events! :man_shrugging:
All of which is piled on top of 40 plus currencies that create the illusion of some kind of value to our activity when the reality is our activity has become worthless and season planning is vital to any kind of consistent progression that might one day lead to competitive play for those who have only recently begun the climb to near end game!

Solid planning is the only way the non spending play styles can remain competitive………

So without solid information from which to build a plan from a good number of play styles will be forced to plan last minute and that will require even more time and the effect is the burden of play rises and the excitement for the season evaporates!


I’m not sure what knowing what the dragons are has to do with anything you said

Do you claim them all?
I don’t……

The dragons? No, that would be stupid. I’m asking what knowing what dragons are coming a week ahead of time does for you? That has nothing to do with all the currencies you brought up or really anything you said. That was just you complaining about random stuff lol

It doesn’t personally help me.

But I have seen some people mention they are awaiting information on the next mythics so they can plan their, mythic gear claims.

I think I also saw someone say that as they prefer neither mythic this season they are awaiting to see what next seasons style/element are so that they can take that into consideration on which to pick this season.

As for the rest, while exciting to know the dragons, it is also at this point ‘a need to know’ for the actually season layout for planning. When is tower branch, only 3 dragons instead of 4? What how or when will new tower branch be released.


But atlas season goes on into the winter season by like 2 weeks.

And those factors are what make season planning vital and mandatory….
What was once a tactical war game has become a resource management game based on politics!
But everyone feel free to assume I’m just complaining to complain! Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Good luck planning your season everyone! :facepunch::sunglasses:

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and it’s not like we get the whole season dumped on us at once and we only have a week to complete it. Planning leading up to a new season is to collect as many chests as you can, which has nothing to do with “needing” to know what next season has in it. If you are free play then odds are you are claiming the same branches every season, as they are pretty much always the same.

And pretty much all of us know this ….
Pretty much …… is not all👍

Oh, I didn’t realize we needed everyone to know everything about everything lol

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