Frustrating events

How about fixing the bugs before adding new content?

I have no doubt that this topic has been discussed before but i will certainly put in my two cents…i realize that fixing the bugs isn’t a directly profitable exercise but i am fairly certain that all the bugs are frustrating people so much that people are leaving the game. Is it not indirectly more profitable to simply improve stability and make the game more enjoyable rather than trying to find the next big money grab?

The largest issue that i have with all of this is…how can we play a competitive game knowing that our individual and team points are somehow altered or tainted, along with every other team we are competing against, to a point that we can’t be satisfied with our event standing (win or lose). Maybe if the glitches continue we should all just play for participation medals


Participation medals will cost 10,000 rubies


While I understand where you’re going, the devs won’t simply stop improving the game, create new seasons or implement new things just because there are bugs ingame. Not everyone at PG knows how to deal with bugs. Should the art or design teams stop working completely until the bugs are fixed and thus not getting paid? I think not.

So certain employees finalize new things and improve UI (with mixed results… :unamused:) while at the same time a team of engineers hunt down bugs and glitches, and from what I imagine it is not a small task.

There are many more different groups of people working on different aspects of the game. You need to keep everything flowing. Fixes, new stuff appealing to players old and new, you need to keep everything well-oiled or the machine will come to a final stop. Boredom kills a game as much as frustration, you need to find a balance in everything.


Quote from Twitter, from REVERSALYOUTUBE:

It’s okay to be frustrated, It’s completely fine to complain as we’re all human. The problem comes with dwelling in grudges towards that negative feeling and emitting toxic behavior as a response to it not being able to take a step back and chill.


is right

I understand what you’re saying…i imagine it isn’t a small task…the problem is that everything isn’t well oiled…it’s very rusty and seizing :joy:

I love it when people call this a competitive game. :rofl:

I can’t deny this statement, but I will not lose hope the game can get better and more stable to welcome new players!

I owe it to someone dear who left the game to be that voice now… guiding young hatchlings on the great Dragon path…

Watch me soar, old beard! :smiling_imp:


Are we not competing? Is there not a first place and a last place?

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Being positive is a good thing…I’m not trying to be all negative…just wish there were a few less glitches…it gets disheartening


With the recent update for next week 5.05 I am looking forward to a new outlook on this game that it will open a new chapter to being bug free and glitch free oh my God I can’t say or type or say this anymore with a straight face I’m glad hold on. The recent fix to ballista poisoning is a goodThing in my opinion because it may lead to happy outcomes when fixing future glitches and bugs that have plagued this game for so long all the ducks must be in their proper rose so toSpeak

I would like to know how they broke troop training the most common event in the game!

I assume something else broke the Eventpage (Responsewise) and the event itself worked as normal.

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