Fugly Dragon creations

No offense to whomever is designing the dragons, but it seems the drags get uglier and uglier past Empyrean. How about a little grace to our dragons again.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just look at them from a different angle and they look more and more awesome! I think all of them are cool in one way or another. Sorry you feel this way.

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I‘d like to throw a stone at the one who designed xul… cuz what was that?!
But if we’re talking lineage drags after Emp, I loved Washi that Origami style weirdo and Sola reminds me of a sunset… might be a beasty sunset but every sunset is pretty even a beasty looking one :sweat_smile:


These guys cool

This guy the secondary tier of cool, and yes I wasted eggs a few breedings ago.

This guy kinda cute / really cool

Useless post but this game doesn’t focus on a beauty pageant.


you are a dragon past empyrean? :scream_cat: op

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This is completely subjective. What you feel is ugly someone else might love

Personally I loved the look of Novarrion, I just really like that took. Unfortunately the dragon is :poop:

I also liked the look of Amaruhk. It was a classic and very clean design

Sothe has a very nice look. I loved the black and blue color scheme. I also liked Nockmar’s except for those DAMN FEET!

Kinnarix was gorgeous and so was most of Souldance.

I do wish the seasonal dragons looked like they belonged to a similar theme together.


To some weirdos, even Gig looked like a beauty.


:raising_hand_woman: :person_raising_hand: :raising_hand_man:


I only like gig’s wings maybe the big eyeball but hey that’s it not insanely pretty though, his jaw is terrifying however especially from the angle Zero took that picture / screenshot.

Gig was pretty awesome looking. His wings were very cool, especially because they werent just a fixed image, the view shifted as you moved him like they were an actual window into space. His body design was also pretty neat.

Could you give some examples of what you consider to be dragons with “grace”? They cant exactly design dragons based off your personal interpretation of whatever that’s supposed to mean when you dont even properly explain what you’re looking for or what you dont like. If you’re going to make a suggestion topic like this maybe actually provide some actual suggestions with examples. Otherwise this topic serves no purpose.


Well, Solarius was "grace"ful enough for me. I love my sunshines.

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Thinks with one eye freak me out Yah know what I’m saying? The only time they don’t is when it’s done in a child’s cartoon style or movie wink wink

Take that back, your gonna hurt my Mordred’s feelings. Also mine because I adore the edgy thing some of these dragons have going, it feels like I can cut my eyes just by staring at them.

He don’t look good he’s cool to look at but not so appealing to constantly look at than fly.

I dunno… I have mixed opinions. Some grow on me, but I do think a lot of the recent ones are questionable. Pezizo’s picture looked badass and then… slight disappointment. Sothe looks like an owl with aggressive brows. Connivyl grew on me. Telment was alright, he looked cool and had a hat and backpack. Perwog is okay I guess and durgott was almost cool in an ugly way but didn’t quite hit the cool mark. Jelithos was atrocious and I wasn’t a fan of Grumuk. Cuadart was alright but didn’t wow me. This season is decent though. I imagine it’s hard to continuously come up with unique dragon designs so I don’t hold it against them really. I just hope they aren’t downsizing their art department too much though so that it’s not just one style/creative. All in all, like it’s been said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so :man_shrugging:t2:
Looking back though there have been some super cool looking ones. I think Avernic was cool and barbend. Going further Quasar was cool. And yeah there’s a bunch. I’m more disappointed about choice in resurrection dragons, I don’t expect them to be good but at least bring back the cool and fun looking ones :joy: one time more, it’s totally subjective

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I just wish the dragons had a more consistent theme to them.


Absolutely. I miss seasons like withermoon, souldance, springblossom, sunscorched, lotusbloom, ect where everything felt like it belonged there. There was an overall theme to the season and you could see how these dragons and riders fit into it. Most seasons arent like that anymore, it’s just a grab bag of random designs. Like a randomly generated party in a multiplayer game. One person is dressed as pirate hello kitty, one is in futuristic space gear, one is a steampunk penguin and one is an old man in a cheerleader outfit. How do these things all fit together?

I also miss the backstory/lore that @Lachrymae was doing where each of the dragons and riders were involved in a season story


I just wish they would let us vote on seasons, like being given a list of themes and voting on which one. And I know this is asking for a lot but give us a peak into the early stage development and ask the community what they want with portraits or even the dragons, it would feel a lot more inclusive and less like a mystery box with large jumps in quality and atmosphere.

It would be cool if it was consistent with its quality and they were just playing for the element of surprise, but the surprise at this point ain’t even worth it.

Why thank you. And this area of feedback is something the team has been thinking about lately and I’ve been chatting with them some about as well. I’m hopeful we can get to more cohesive seasons in the future and some of the narrative ideas being thrown around by the team now are honestly things I wish I had come up with for all those past seasons haha. So stay tuned!


Where is kitty dragon? :heart_eyes::skull_and_crossbones::heart_eyes::skull_and_crossbones: