Full battle room glitch


Are other people also experience what we’re calling the full battle room glitch in atlas. Where frequently attacks with 2 backers and 3 defenders result in the attack being closed due the the attacker having “no connection”.

It’s starting to be a significant issues for me and some othersz


Just happened to me now. “Attacker quit” for 3vs3.


Do you primarily experience this problem with Xul, or with all dragons?

Only with xul, I started using helm as a work around. I thought it was from tapping too much but the last run where I tried using xul I was barely tapping on 7 and Bam out I go

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The same happened to my big brother yesterday.

Wasn’t MY own experience, but I saw that as my brother was sitting right next to me. He only flies Xul these days, so I have no idea if that happens to other dragons. I’ll ask when he gets up in the morning.

Apparently it is also happening for others with sorcerors and warriors but I can’t speak about that as I haven’t experienced it. But it’s always island 7 with a full room

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