Fundamental problem with the relics

Fundamental problem with the relics… To get them you need 60 keys… In each event you can find 5 of them… We are at the third event out of a total of 13 events… if mathematics is not an opinion
by playing all the events to the maximum, you will only be able to get 55 keys… Am I doing something wrong?

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Apparently pvp will give 10 instead.


Well no, we need 20 of each key to get them, then 80 more of each to actually level it.

A season like this one however wouldnt even provide enough keys if they had started offering them at the beginning of the season since we only have 6 pvp events. Winter and Summer seasons will offer just enough but then again how many people actually max fight pits? And of those people, are any of them not whales who would just buy packs and chests anyway to get these immidiately?

And from the look of the line, we cant even use the key exchange unless we unlock the whole thing, including the legacy keys. So if you end up with several leftover keys then they’re worthless if you didnt open enough chests or buy enough packs to get the 30 legacy keys.



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And if the leftovers can be exchanged for gold chest the new season?

Let’s call it what it is a shameless cash grab and be done with it


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One thing to keep in mind is that the dust isn’t season-restricted, and the relics don’t compete for space with anything else. In other words, you don’t have to finish the whole line to have a useful relic, just claiming the relic is already a useful boost at no cost. And you can still get more dust in later seasons to level the relics you do want to level.

That would be pretty crap, but I don’t know if this is how it is set up. I’m also assuming/hoping you can claim the silver and gold relic before finishing the bronze, they’ve had lines like this before with multiple start-points. And while I agree the layout suggest differently it’s entirely possible that claiming node 6 will unlock node 24. Would be nice if PG could let us know for sure though.


Let’s be realistic here :ghost:

While this is true it also means you’d always be in a dust shortage since there is only enough to max that relic which still furthers the gap as more come out

It really would. A lot of new stuff and very few questions are being answered

I still havent forged any ascended gear since they wont answer our questions about them


There will be relic chests - so spending rubies will solve all problems. :joy:

Still wondering why extra bronze and silver keys have the same ruby value

I originally thought so as well…
However the key to dust exchange is on the bottom row, all the items on the bottom row “seem” independent of each other. The rubies at the end of each row are a free 2000 to cover some expected costs

We have keys atm and cant use it so that tells me the line must be completed to access those nodes. The rubies seem to only be free once you reach them

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Sorry yep that’s what I meant about the rubies. Free but locked … Interesting about the bottom row still being locked out (I hadn’t claimed any prizes from fort yet). How do we get the purple keys again?

From the chests and packs. I can only imagine how low the drop rates will be and how much the chests will cost


:rofl: ok so your right… We need to get enough of those from spending :person_facepalming:(in one way or another) then we can exchange our leftovers instead of having them sit in our inventory for God knows how long.

Here’s to watching everyone try and exchange in there keys because there "not valid’ in any other season and then PG going… Oh so we coded this wrong nevermind hey those work :person_shrugging:

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Wait a minute, they took away 5 shard boxes in Atlas season and replaced with these new shards. I don’t want the new shards. I finish Atlas every season and have so much mythic and exotic gear with no shards to level it, now I’m gonna be set back that much further, what’s the point in my gear if I can’t level it. I don’t think they want people playing this game anymore.


Would have been nice to have claimable nodes rather than being forced to get the new shards