Funnelsnakes p1/p2/p3

Funnelsnakes :
We are an adult , English speaking team that enjoys playing the Pirate/Privateering style of play.
What is a PRIVATEERING team? Simply put, we play Atlas utilizing some castles for bonuses and for our gold primarchs as well as at times foregoing castles all together. We have very few allies and pride ourselves on the fact that we have remained Independent for more than a few years (W e were pirates before Pirating was “Cool”).
Who are we looking for to fill out our roster?
We require members to be active in Atlas as we don’t do swaps with other teams. WE require that members chat in team chat, participate in all Wars, participate in all events ( Regular and Atlas), and having FUN!!!
FUNNELSNAKES DOES NOT DO DRAMA!! We would rather go with an unfilled roster than have Drama.
Minimum level: 500 ( If you are an outstanding flyer/Sniper please contact leader if under level 500)
Minimum dragon tier: Verdant
8/8 5/5
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact FUNNELSNAKES Leader XxBlackB3ardxX in game.
We look forward to flying and having fun with you!! Apply today, start having fun today!!!
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I knew we were all WarEnforcers after all

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I can Appreciate your comment RuRu as you been around a long time and actually know much about the game and those who have been playing for awhile!!
WarEnforcers one of those teams that has been around a long time!! I wish all teams the ability to have fun and be able to recruit as well!!
Thanks again for your comment!!

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Sounds like you guys belong in Diamond more than platinum in my opinion.

Thanks for your vote of confidence…However, maybe check out our team members levels on the team currently and you will quickly see we are not Diamond league team

With the restrictions I’d say yes though regardless of if you should be in Diamond or sapphire.

Let me bump this and add that Funnelsnakes is looking for Atlas Killers!!! If you want to kill in atlas, this is the team to be on and have fun. Funnelsnakes is known for being an independent Sniping Pirate/Privateering team. Funnelsnakes know that this play style isn’t for everyone.


Very fun team!

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Funnelsnakes will finish first in Crystal Caves event to end the season and finished second in last Atlas event ( gear leveling).
Looking for players who are active in Atlas and regular game alike.
Funnelsnakes should be moving to P2 League for start of next season.
Come join us:
3 Castles but we play Pirate style thus making us a Privateering team. Funnelsnakes does not have any alliance affiliation which leaves open many different targets to hit.
Don’t know how to play atlas?? Come to Funnelsnakes…plenty of players here will help and teach you. Our Wiki gives a detailed way to snipe.

Bumping this ….We are looking for only a few spots now to be filled. Looking for Atlas killers!! If you don’t meet the minimum level, send me a mail in game and we can discuss joining the team! We are currently P2 . If we are full , apply anyways or send me a mail.

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