Funniest manga that I’ve read so far 🤣

And that’s saying a lot since I’ve been binging for weeks now.

On chapter 10 and couldn’t stop laughing. My throat, cheeks, and stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Just wanted to share since we all need some laughter at this time.



You will love this one. Funniest one I’ve read!

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Thanks, I’m not into those kinds of graphics. I like the black and white manga kind … it has a “heat” to it. Some of them manga artists have some extreme skills and draw out my feelings. :heart_eyes:

Here’s my fave Isekai manga - it takes forever to update though.

For those that enjoy majestic mythical creatures with a crippling human-like flaw.


onepunch man, peerless dad, solo levelling.
you should try once

Just leaving one : sun ken rock

Dont read unless you like to torture yourself waiting half a century for a new chapter to be out

I’ve heard berserk is awesome