Funny Fake Factoit of Unreleased Notes

Hopefully never to be seen in an update:

  1. Totems debuff boosted to 80%.
  2. Bases can have all totem types simultaneously.
  3. Totem range adjusted so only it’s surrounding 4 towers benefit from it’s effect.
  4. We expect to reach the company monthly revenue goal with this change.
  5. “Bigger picture” innovations such as events (mega coin), perches adjustments, Atlas core (defensive troops garrison sailor bloody barracks) are developed internally and not subject to players testing or opinion.

Thank you for flying with us!

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Yes I know this is a fake topic

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Nice :joy: When is the release date?

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Friday, 20th April, just to feel the heat in this cold weather.

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Awesome! will I be able to have more than 1 totem of the same element? Cant wait to spend more and put 1 dark totem in each island

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Of course, dear Nov1st.

You would be able to build 8 totems of each type. (Just don’t expect shard drops or prizes to increase.)

And just in time for another fake unreal improvement: Super Material Chest!
Since people are not purchasing Super Sigil chest (even though they are awesome, I’d buy a dozen every day) introduction of a building material chest, hearing players feedback, would have this drop rates:
1% Black Pearls (yay!)
1% Elemental Shards
8% Ice Shards
8% Fire Shards
40% 15min Speedup Timer
40% Common Food/Wood Production Rune

(chest prices would not need to increase from current super sigil chests)

Don’t ever create fake patch notes, please.