Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


Some random screenshots from the game I found humours and interesting.


Is this included?

I guess I’m lucky :joy:



League chat is always a ride. Hope these peeps don’t mind their names on here >_>
(That autopick thing—the one who mentioned it referred to the automatic sending out of a dragon when you don’t choose one in time during a battle; this other dork thought they were modding and that’s why I said “wtf are you talking about”) :t_rex:


Someone post diseased aster and avyx


Fav screenshot of all time

As always, coming from @Coach 's Kinnarus OP video


Kinnarus OP🤪


Not a screenshot, but this is from today… I still don’t know what I got.
Edit: Fire Turret Striker? :t_rex:


My favorite part of the video is when GHR rolled his eyes. A few seconds after… :joy::joy::joy:



All that lava finally burned up my breeding castle.


How are you not gonna tag me bro lol :smiley:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: funny to look at


Irony at its finest :see_no_evil:

  • The atlas pic really isn’t funny. I just love how everyone is coming together for the memorial of a fallen DragonLord.


Dragon under construction :thinking:


I wish I had more mythic runes for chunk.


That’s your Chunk? Aww, the most beloved Chunk in the game. :heart_eyes:


Ikr :joy:


This is the best :joy:


If only it were possible :joy: