Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


We’re looking at the elusive Bokens :wink:


This is taken from my invader base. So beyond towers glitching into the ground, it’s the wrong map.


Seems that most of us hates that Sudden town :rofl::rofl::rofl:
And love the resident…


The egg token balloon is having a moment. Not sure what kind of moment, but a moment nonetheless. :t_rex:


Press f to pay respects jk jk :joy::rofl:


When a hax0r attacks your base with apo, feels the shame, and haxxes his way out without even flying.

(@thatsCrazey :eyes:)


Strange, I got a visit from the hax0r too and he successfully hacked through my base with three dragons. :eyes:


Oh dear he actually went and hit you?

Did he start with Coatl? :eyes:

Edit: I explicitly told him not to hit you.


Yes he did. :rofl: What am I missing here? :eyes:


I am…unsure. Why did he hit you? We’ll never know the inner workings of a crazey mind.

The Coatl was an educated guess based on his history of failures against my base. Also, he mentioned something about farming @hellraptor with Pathox, so, you should probably ask raptor about it yourself.


Interesting. :thinking: I returned the favour by melting his base with Axi but he’s more than free to visit anytime. :kissing_heart:


I don’t know what’s happening here, but come hit me with Pathox any time. I love seeing that purple plague-y thing. :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


@thatsCrazey when the victim presses the button for the assassin…the stage is yours.

Get pathox first tho.


Tell him to visit me too! When I get my Pathox I can drop by myself. :grin:


I still have no idea what’s happening—

—and now I’m just afraid. :rofl: :t_rex:


Hey, drop by me!

…Don’t be, @thatsCrazey probably has 50m xp on Coatl, and nothing else. Except maybe Cavaleris? :thinking:


Maybe he’s offended because I said Coatl was a useless ass. Well, no regrets. :triumph:


(btw, Crazey is silenced and can’t defend against the flaming happening here. poor dude.

he can probably passive-aggressively express displeasure by angrily liking posts, but not much else.)


Huh, I knew the forums were missing something. :grin: I miss his attitude, he said what I was thinking. Apparently it was a good thing I didn’t say what I was thinking. :see_no_evil:


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