Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


Where is this?


Hm. We lost, despite having more flames, while not affecting our rating…almost 49 years ago.


Lol, I love when that happens :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


I’m guessing breeding castle or mount dragon?

Don’t you just love it when every dragon looks the same so you have to remember what order your lineup was…

What dragon is this?


I can only imagine fall 2017 dragons…


But what’s the fun in knowing what dragon you’re about to fly? /s


Another case of multiple dragons!



The first picture was shot close to the finish line during the 2016 Summer Olympics, Dodopyyr trying to overtake Ettin, who won by a neck’s length.

The second one shows how dragons behave when the feeding event starts: similar to humans on Black Friday.

While the third one was … khm… is… khm… Well, a skilled paparazzo shot this picture on Munin and Gaspar’s honeymoon.


Looks like nix and some other dragon are getting friendly, too


That’s too dark to tell, but yes, it seems so.
And as we’re on topic, Bander seems to be involved in something, too…


I’m back lads. @Obliterkate @hellraptor @Wolf


What an absolute madlad.

Try not to get silenced again. :rofl:


“Axi turned to Night Fury”

Credit to my teammate: Eva


I want that skin


Does anyone else’s Nollaig have invisiblity powers?


Can you spot the odd?


:scream: Trapper with less def than Sieger?


Maybe missing the last digit of each lol
Should be 73/328 or something




image image image

A trio of poachers who have accepted the power of T̊̕H͇̫̙̘́E͕̊̒͛͟ ͓͇̌̈ͣ̍̾͆̄V̯̗̙̿̄ͫ́̇͗́Ọ̟̩͆I̭̰̲̬D̤͌͐̔͑ͫ into their souls and have thus changed their colors to reflect their ascended state of being. :t_rex: