Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


poacher is a dragon chain to a wheel on the way to be slaughted?
I thought they are just pulling shard wagon and we raid the wagon


from the old forums


Aww. That one looks a lot sadder than the Poacher we have now. :slightly_frowning_face: SAVE HIM!!! :t_rex:


Not really weird, but it’s impossible to attack this poacher because it’s passing through the bloackade of a castle and I get the castle menu when I try to tap it. :neutral_face:
And no, I banked my gold so you can’t come get it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :t_rex:


:thinking: What about the wingtip?


Yeah, that works. Just have to turn on screen rotation, sometimes, I believe.


Ooh, I’ll try that :eyes: :t_rex:


Freeze.exe has stopped working. PG will close the program and notify you when a solution is available


Usually works if I zoom in as much as I can on it.


Okay, what can be done if the poachers overlap?

Or when the quests are fulfilled, but not:


I HATE when poachers overlap. Damn things should have collision limits or something.
Never seen that quest thing before. Yikes. :t_rex:


Zoom in and tap on wings or just wait it out, and they’ll path away


Or when they decide to travel right along the territory boundary line. Like seriously, what the heck? It’s annoying as heck when I think I can attack it but the poacher is all “nope, I’m not in your jurisdiction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just violently click about until I get the required poacher.


Dang, I have seen overlap but that one is bad!
I have never seen that quest either :laughing:


Should I refresh this and complete another quest? :thinking:


Your headless Avyx needs a spectral headed horseless man.


I saw the frame of the seasons scenario :joy::joy:



Just gonna say something to make this relevant again.