Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


You win


Definitely the ballista :joy:


Told me they were going to take over the world tonight or some shenanigans as they stumbled off all dazed and confused.


Grogg went pixlar :rofl::rofl:


Yah, it’s a graphic quality setting issue… few on my team had it happen. Increase your graphics and it will fix it… hell on the battery though.


Thank you! I wasn’t enjoying Grogg’s plaid armor very much.


best names ever for a main and alt though.


I think my dodos are in love :heart_eyes:


He’s trying to hide. :joy:


Sylphen playing connect 4. and he won!


Borg has turned into Draco, and into a warrior?


Post reinstall? :eyes:



I didn’t get a screenshot of it, but was defending a teammate last night and all of his towers were backward.


i see that quite often, usually happens when I catch the first “defend!” banner right upon starting the game.


Nope, Temple Raid guardians gone bad. In fact every time during the temple raid event the dragon was Draco, only that time [pic posted] was the weird warrior circle was there


We’ve had a pretty poor start to this event.


Oh no! I hope you can at least manage to beat 801 of the other teams in your league :rofl:


One of those looks like Kinnarus and Nollaig are breeding. :scream:

Edit: It could also be a Frankenstein dragon.


Undying will=dreadful roar? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking: