Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


Rather Dreadful last breath



Archie wanted to join ember on a run this morning


Pretty sure I only need one? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Get 400 of them. Fly them all at once. Blot out the sky.


Man, too bad I wasn’t around for the baneful sorceress avatar. I could totally pull a wizard of oz and start yelling, “Fly, fly, fly!” (Though I may get some strange looks at work)


AwaAHGHAhA that’s hot that’s hot



It had something to do with the battle cry spell, I think.


Would we get bonus points if we did manage to capture our own territory?


I’ve seen this lag too this event :joy:



When all you do is dream about rubies…


I can’t decide what is more shocking:

a) That you have 3 different types of ruby, or
b) the amount of each kind you possess



Your teammates must be the luckiest people in here :joy::rofl:


716k rubies. :drooling_face:


I guess my Christmas wishes just came true. :christmas_tree:


I decided to type my team’s name in to the search bar.It gave me the option to join,I’m the leader lol.


This is the Ultimate Shadow Mode




I didn’t get screen shot today, but should have cloaked Gunnar and he went invisible but his new armor head piece was flying without a dragon ha ha