Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


Double the power


They’re fine


Dafuq did you do to Kevana!? :rofl:


Grogg is just t-posing to assert his dominance.


Someone turned the lights off on Invader


OOOOoooooo… Spoopy


found a floating fire shot of hildr’s



Found a special 4 headed dragon


They are looking at you…


I still don’t know who won…


My balloon is black tier nowadays


It’s a post-apocalyptic mission balloon - tokens are no longer used.


attacking old Kodak negatives. If you’re old you will get the reference.


Lucy has wood!!! :grin:


An apt face to make when Gunnar obliterates you.


This is what happened when it i clicked on the event screen


No no no no no no no no

Not the draco chest screen :confounded:


thats what its called? that makes since since when i clicked one it showed draco swooping in and crashing my device


Haha yeah that is the one. They tried out that splash screen once about 1.5yrs ago for 1 event, then brought it back when they were forced to give the drop odds for 1 week before we complained that it took FOREVER to open chests.

It was a terribly long endeavor to get chests opened.


There were also complaints against Draco being a dog :rofl: