Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Please observe the Phantom Trebutchet, seen on Battu island (Wind 1st Temple)

It doesn’t attack, can’t be hit in any way. It. Just. Is.


This happened to me as well one random run. Not the first run, not the last. All other runs it died properly.


HELP! I’m a little lost. Seems my GPS quit working.


It’s 3 towers in G1, they just visually frozen, still die.


There are 3 bases with this issue I have encountered, but I have no screenshot of the other two. You do have one of them.

I got a heart attack for the first time. Then I started enjoying them.


100% this :rofl:


Kevana needs an exorcism.


She does that for every single dragon :laughing:

Maybe she just hates sitting on all these weirdo dragons.


I discovered an infinite cloak!




seems they lost their buildings


image Bolstered!


When you really need to send a message to wider alliance team to stop FF :smile:



I thought we were doing good :cry:


You are doing better than us :see_no_evil:


My fave 13rd lmao


Can we mention Admin? :thinking:

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