Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


Anyone up for a swim? :eyes:


Bahaha how did that even happen?? :rofl: :t_rex:


A new feature for Atlas: Climate change! Fire dragons are melting the ice! Sea levels will rise, and your territory may be drowned.


It’s the lost city of Atlantis ! :joy:


back to boats then! I still call troops boats anyways.


This one was shared with me.

I thought it was interesting.

And this one:


Some of these are quite old just a heads up


I like the new laser defense tower:



What’s off with the first pic?


71hr 59min :rofl: :t_rex:


Yeah that took me a bit to find


What’s wrong with that?


It’s the totally wrong time for one 12 hour timer to forge. :t_rex:


Actually it is additive … the first one had 11 hr 59 min left, so the second had 30 hours added to it making it 41 hr 59 min, and the third another 30 hours to be 71 hr 59 min


Oh definitely. But it just normally doesn’t show like that. :t_rex:


Yeah. This game changes a lot. Makes maintaining a wiki a pain :face_with_monocle:


Wow, I never even realized that I thought the game was just cheating me. I ended up canceling all those jobs because of that actually. I am a dummy :anguished:


Well don’t I feel stupid, I thought it was something weird like trying to forge dragons or something lol. Since it showed “Dragon” in the screenshot.


Game glitches makes everyone wary :slight_smile:


Someone was trying to do the forge glitch after the first fix, which failed.

You had to be more precise in the order in which you did things after the first attempted fix or you’d end up with that.

But you could just cancel it all and try again.