Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


This is a screenshot of when I got my primarch stuck.


Have fun waiting 48 years! :rofl: :t_rex:


:joy::joy: well no surprise I got nothing :joy::joy:


There was the day I found this guy hanging out off of the South Coast…

Just treading water and twirling his hammer…



It was not a change. Those times work if they are running down simultaneously, but they aren’t.

It was an attempt to use the forge glitch (by someone, not saying the person who posted the image) after the first patch.


It’s always funny when your dragon has an identity crisis :laughing: I was leveling up Zaru and he suddenly thought he was Necryx.


How much $$ for that many rubies?? Lol


What’s he doing all the way out there??


That’s a long time to wait :joy:


Wow that is perfect! :laughing:


Quiz: Name all the things wrong in this picture


He was trying to say “TY so much” Didn’t show up that way :see_no_evil:


Ballistas. Mismatched spell kit. Spell kit and rage bar are showing on your screen as a follower. Damage numbers all over the place. Flames (or in this case, lack of) are showing above the dragon’s minion’s health bar. Also, the minion is missing. Health bar is totally depleted but dragon is still up. Ballistas.

Did I get some? :t_rex:


LOL quite a few!

  • spells don’t match dragon
  • No minion actually on the dragon (see his spell set)
  • the damage numbers stuck on the screen
  • red low health flash around my screen when his dragon wasn’t even in red bar
  • warning to use my spell as a follower
  • attack type screen while a follower
  • Healing numbers for towers without defenders

I have no idea what was up but its an odd one lol


How long ago was that? And what dragon? I don’t recognize it :eyes: :t_rex:


Screenshot date is Nov 20, 2016
It’s Nightshade without his full spell set lol


Lol wow long time ago. Really interesting to see :laughing: :t_rex:


Edit: If you are looking for (mini) challenge see if you can spot the things wrong in this picture

Hint: There is 6


I see what’s wrong in yours. Can you see what’s wrong in mine? :joy: