Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


13rd, took me awhile. I was staring and comparing dragon pictures, staring at navigation icons, I look at your ranks real fast and was like “looks fine, makes sense”


Yeah that took me a bit. It’s a really weird thing to have but I think I know why.


Missing team quest, team name, and league. The total payout is wrong and no button to claim the payout. Something about the Declare War button?


I’m very curious. Why? Cause they’re dumb? Lol


No the game is basing the ending (st, nd, rd, etc.) off of the 1’s digit and not the whole number. At least I am pretty sure that is what happened there.


That’s what I was thinking. It’s seeing the 3 but not the 1 in front


Not screenshots, but @mechengg’s old battle picture inspired me to go digging, and I found these. :t_rex:


:scream: haven’t seen those before


I just searched for “bitpig” and “dragon attack strategy” (which was apparently the old name for War Dragons—I didn’t know that!). There’s a handful of interesting and old stuff around. :t_rex:


Oh, I see, thought it was after it went war dragons XD


The old Ash looks better.


-team quest
-team name is correct

-total payout (200 + 200 does not equal 200)
-no button to claim payout


-it should be war losses or war gains not both divided by a slash
-you can see the manage team button is still visible
-There is no way that war gains/losses would be equal with daily payout


I meant team crest :grin:

There is a way to have the war gains equal the daily payout. Lots of wars


How much attack dose it have? :joy:


“there is no way that war gains/losses would be equal with daily payout”

It’s possible if multiple wars were declared on that team and they netted out as such.


I actually missed that one. Nice job :+1:

Yeah, but isn’t there a limit to how many tokens you can get? Plus, it’s very unlikely to get exactly 200.
OnlyExistPrize was a bronze team actually from August 2017 but there is no way you would know that, since that information is missing from the screenshot.
But once again bravo on the team crest!


There is no limit on tokens. I don’t believe there is a limit on how many wars can be declared by you or other teams on you. But yeah, the likelihood of an exact 200 is slim but still possible.


I miss this UI… PG!!! look how much better the game looked BEFORE you started messing with it!



My bronze chest is having some kind of issue.