Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


It’s warping into another dimension! :t_rex:


Wow, Fomhar really let himself go.


I get the every dragon is Draco glitch quite often. I’ll try to screenshot it next time!


I don’t have a screenshot for this, but Atlas was giving me shit today (when is it not?) and I got an “Unable to attack this player” error message when I was hitting a mine. Not the “player may have been banned” one, just unable to attack. I was then sent back to the regular ol’ matchmaking screen and proceeded to get a handful of “there was a problem setting up Atlas” messages upon trying to relaunch this wrecked AF expansion. So… that was weird. :t_rex:


I get the every dragon is mini old school Kastor far more often lol


Is it just me or are there 3 farms?


:thinking: seems like cheating…




OMG I’ve seen that weird dragon in defeat screens after attacks. What the hell is it? :t_rex:


Meridian…a divine gold sorcerer from back in the day


I wanted him so badly the first time I scrolled through the divine page. Back then you actually could get past orange tier divines without giving up


He looks so pretty :star_struck: If anyone wants to give him a fly on my base… :wink: love seein those old dragons. :t_rex:


Ah yes, this looks just fine. :t_rex:


Necura transformed!


Ol dragon on fire glitch

No one has put the whale below token balloon yet?

Just a little Pixxel nostalgia.


Is that the original inspiration for my avatar?!


“visual glitch”


Wasn’t dragon on fire the effect that it was given after being hit by a fire turret supershot?
AKA not a glitch?


That’s a new one