Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


06/2016, wow fire turret is that old, dang. I couldn’t remember what made it flame, thanks for mentioning the fire turret. If I remember correctly though with using shield or something would cause the flames to stay past the fire effect, didn’t have screen recorder back then to get a video of it sorry.


Dodo left me! :sob:


Not sure when fire turret was released, but it definitely wasn’t before 06/2016. Didn’t know what date your picture is from so I can’t comment or compare.

That’s when i remember dragons catching fire


I just looked it up. Fire turrets did come out 06/2016 and that pic is 06/13/2016.


My mind is blown.
I thought both fire and ice came out soon after i starting in 07/2016
Fire must have been before because i’m certain ice was after


With the way those are overlaid it almost seems like PG decided to change breeding from rated G to something a lot racier :laughing: Just curious if this is a recent shot or an older one you are uploading now lol.


A teammate was backing me on a run on Wednesday. They froze the shots mid-air on the first long, and as their dragon passed them, the arrows flipped to point towards them (aka backwards). Haven’t seen it happen before and haven’t seen it again. Was kinda funny. :t_rex:


When the chains betray you ),:


It was taken yesterday, during some reinstall


:joy: It’s absolutely perfect then lmao


Just more proof that draco is the father of all dragons (except maybe Frigg).


Now I’m trying to remember cause :exploding_head: but I think I do remember complaining about ice before fire.


You should watch the direction mage tower heads face before you even reach their islands :eyes:


Something is off… not sure what :thinking:


New UI? :thinking:


That time Nollaig’s ghost killed my base.

War attack bug/glitch

I have similar video from a guy from Thewendol

p.s : where did those birds come from>>??


More likely a replay bug than anything else.

Do you not get the birdsong? There’s a whole other thread about how annoying it is!


no I dont and I was wondering why ppl talking for bird songs , and I am on ios


@XDukeSX I get that too, I think that’s a giant storage hut. :rofl::joy: