Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


Were you upgrading your storage hut?


That often happens after an update lol. I love it. :t_rex:


Mystic winds


No it happened after i reïnstalled the game for the 6th time because of egg token glitch


Anyone for white cloak spell?


So iman still playing as coach name, i wonder where istefa is. You guys cant leave this game, dont you


I want a dragon with that as an actual (not glitched) wind spell. That looks like it could be a spell idea for an offensive/defensive wind spell. It provides a wind wall while damaging towers over time. Can we see this in one of the winter dragons? :thinking:


Reverse projectiles?


Not exactly, but it would function similar. I was thinking the force of a widened wind wall damaged towers sort of like gloom clouds


I found area 51, 52 and 53



You’re going to fly through T̓́̓҉͔̱Ḧ̙͇͕͙̈́̀̌́ͅE̎ͥ̚҉̦̺̬̙̩ ̞̾̓̐̔̓V͍̫͍̲̊͋̆͊ͥȮ̙̋̿̕I̬̲͖̰̟̱̎͊̍D̡ͫ in that first picture.
Be prepared. :t_rex:


And what about the last one? Night and day in Atlas


International date line?


It’s a dimensional barrier. Be cautious of the things that lurk on the other side. The grass is always greener… but the grass is incredibly unforgiving to foreigners.

I’ve been listening to Welcome to Night Vale recently for inspiration. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


Full ledgit buddy :grin:


Just took these


Ah yes, T̓́̓҉͔̱Ḧ̙͇͕͙̈́̀̌́ͅE̎ͥ̚҉̦̺̬̙̩ ̞̾̓̐̔̓V͍̫͍̲̊͋̆͊ͥȮ̙̋̿̕I̬̲͖̰̟̱̎͊̍D̡ͫ. Otherwise known as my base. :smiling_imp:


That new skin looks sweet. :rofl:


:thinking:What’s wrong with a moonfang who had plastic surgery? Are you discriminating?


It was pre pg, then one day a message popped up telling you to download war dragons and wouldn’t let’s you log on. I played back then, the art on some of the dragons is so much better than their new forms, don’t you agree?