Funny / random War Dragons Screenshots


Looks like a boxing ring to me



To soon?


That’s not funny, just sad


I must admit, the more i see it the more it sinks in and sad i get


:”( I’ll never be forgiven for my crimes. I’ve been punished via Garnet Cavaleris obliter(k)ating my level 102 base. Ouchie.

Mostly, I enjoy how he held a grudge for what, 3h?


I got lightning towers, i wonder if he wants to tell me same thing


When the markers get stuck :roll_eyes:


Sometimes the marks persist after the battle ends :rofl::joy::rofl:


Yes I have them on my base regularly outside of attacks. Kinda freaks me out when I notice them.


What’s really freaky is having the dragon that circles the first monument show up in a run. Wish I could have gotten a pic but I panicked :joy::rofl:


Omg, I’ve never seen that before. I’d totally be weirded out too :frowning: :t_rex:


new spell: persistence fire - lock on 1 point, passively increase warrior attack by -100% until the dragon fall


Someone illegally parked their cart on my private property. It’s time for the WD traffic patrol to surface.


When you’re trying to take a nice family photo but that one sibling keeps screwing it up…


The first one actually looks like a really cool three-headed dragon… I’ll take one.




When every child and parent looks exactly the same (inbreeding perphaps :flushed:)


Who parks their cart like that


Not sure what kind of eggs those are :thinking:


:scream: Cannot breed using egg token?
That emerald heart must be very expensive :thinking: