FuriousRebels Recruiting Plat II (ATLAS)


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Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Platinum II– FuriousRebels – 100+

Language: English
Time Zone: EU/US/UK/Asia
Played time: 1 year+
Age Range: 14+ Mature
Elite Account?: Optional but Preferred
Dragon Roster Includes Atleast 2 of the Following: Necryx/Kinnarus/Equestor/Borgian/Neptus/Corthanak/Aibrean/Fohmar
Highest Lineage Dragon: Any Saphire+

About FuriousRebels:

From my experience from when I was new to War Dragons, I was recruited by an Officer of FuriousRebels. What won me over was not because of the teams achievements, however of the politeness and interest they had in me to be part of there Team. At first I was quiet, being the newb of the team I didn’t want engage in the conversations to much, but that soon started to change when the team wanted to genuinely help me from base building, what dragons to choose from seasonal events to more advanced tips to help me out in the long run when it came to Wars/Events. In this I am now an Officer, and wish to offer you the same for when I was recruited, to those seeking a place in a great team that look out for you. On that note, we are a Competitive Team and are not looking for players that don’t contribute, as this effects the teams ability to win more team prizes.


  • Competitive In Wars/Events
  • Atlas with Castle + Support from Alliance
  • Provide helpful advise/support
  • Updates on Team gossip/Informed with LINE
  • Encourage your Input on Team ideas.
  • Banter allowed

Please ask me any questions! Il be happy to answer them.
IGN Momoshiguru
Apply FuriousRebels.

Thanks for Reading!
Momo :heart:

FuriousRebels LFM Plat II (ATLAS)

Fortification on the Horizon be part of our team! Lets sort/fix and build our way to the Top. Not to late to apply before the event starts, as we will close applications until the event is completed before it is open again! :nerd_face:


FuriousRebels is a great team :+1: good luck guys


Update: Furious Rebels

Due to unfortunate circumstances we decided to part away from the alliance. A disagreement of how things where run took place and the decision was made to give up the castle to start over again with other teams with similar interests and gaming ethos.

If this is not a problem for anyone still wanting to join our ranks we welcome you with open arms, to a fresh start within Atlas. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.


Fortification Event is closing to an end soon. Take this chance to arrange an application to join our team and become part of an amazing team. Happy flying :dragon:

IGN: DarkCeberus


A slot is open. Contact me or Apply. Hope to see you in the Team, happy Flying. :fist:


New season on the way! If you need a new start, unhappy with your current team, or just need a home. Give FuriousRebels a try.^^


Update: Dropped down to Plat 3 to focus on recruiting. Currently 2-3 spots open which are covered my Alts for the mean time. Not to late to apply or PM for invite before the event start. Happy Feeding everyone!:dragon_face::poultry_leg:


Covered ‘By’ Alts.


Update: Currently have 1-2 spots available in our Team to start the journey into Summerflare season. Wars and Events are Mandatory with a ‘3 strikes your out’ Policy. However we can be flexible if you need time off.

Hope everyone is excited for the new season! Good luck! :dragon_face:


Hello update:

Currently have 3 spots available that are safeguarded with alts for the right players to become part of a competitive team. Our leadership issue is resolved and we are ready to push up the leagues. Hope to hear from you, Happy flying!


Furious Team update:

Successful Team effort In the PITS battling it out and reaching 1st Place with a whopping 5M+ points. And Breeding will be the same. Many in the team will be reaching garnet and emerald tier. High influx of applicants coming in. Good Problems to have. Stay Tuned.

Happy Flying,



The team have reached Plat2 again things are looking up :smiley:
Finished breeding event on a high at 1st Place.


Working on making an Alliance for atlas 2/5 so far, if anyone is interested let me know and we can set something up in a Line Chat.

Currently our team have no castles, just been grinding troops and RSS.


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